Joan McDonald, a Grandma Who Struggled With Obesity

Discover Joan McDonald and her inspiring journey as a grandma overcoming obesity. Her story of resilience and transformation awaits.

Joan McDonald, a 73-year-old citizen of Ontario, openly acknowledges her lifelong battle with obesity. Having struggled with weight for years, Joan attributes her journey to a challenging early marriage, where she coped by turning to various outlets to relieve tension.

Joan McDonald

The woman’s weight soared to about 90 kg, posing a significant challenge for petite Joan.

As her health deteriorated, the elderly woman underwent knee replacement surgery, rendering her incapable of managing stairs independently.

She said: “For my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux, I took medicine. I was unable to perform sports since my knee was hurt and I could not climb stairs.”

Concerned for her mother, 48-year-old Michelle decided to intervene in 2017, recognizing the urgency for change.

She added: “She invited me to sign up for her yearly training program. To be completely honest, she suggested that I work out with her.”

Michelle raised concerns by running her programs on the Internet. Meanwhile, her 73-year-old mother struggled with smartphone operations. Joan’s troubles began when she bought an iPhone for herself.

Joan McDonald

Joan McDonald said: “Occasionally, I was in tears and wanted to give up, but fortunately, I’m quite tenacious. My daughter and son-in-law have repeatedly shown me how to operate the phone. How many people would it take for me to understand the iPhone was sort of a joke.”

Joan’s efforts paid off as she gradually mastered Internet tools and programs, embarking on a dedicated training routine. Visiting the gym four days a week, she incorporated varied cardio workouts every day, adjusting the regimen every four weeks.

Initially starting with beginner-level workouts, the elderly woman now expends energy comparable to the early days of her fitness journey. Her commitment to progress is evident in her consistent and challenging exercise routine.

Harnessing the power of smartphone applications, Joan McDonald transformed her eating habits. Once indulging in sweets and nuts as snacks, and concluding meals with dessert, she adopted Michelle’s protein and good fats prioritized diet. Now, her nourishment supports muscle growth without deprivation.

She shared: “I needed to eat more as I became slimmer. The outcomes soon became apparent to the naked eye.”

Joan McDonald

Michelle created an Instagram account for her mother to showcase her fitness journey. On this platform, the senior citizen shares details about her transformation, attracting numerous compliments, even from young admirers impressed by her physique.

Boasting an impressive following of over 80,000, Joan motivates others to embark on weight loss journeys. She accomplishes this by sharing workout routines, and recipes, and documenting her progress in the quest for a healthier lifestyle.

With her restored health, Joan McDonald now weighs just over 60 kg and has successfully discontinued all medications.

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