Millenials are starting to use pet rocks to combat loneliness

In a fascinating cultural phenomenon, South Korea has embraced an unconventional trend of purchasing rocks online and elevating them to the status of beloved pets.

This curious practice involves treating these rocks with affection typically reserved for domesticated animals. They are adorned with clothing, painted with expressive faces, bestowed with names, and even provided with their own beds.⁠

The surge in popularity of pet rocks in South Korea has been attributed in part to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Reports from Korea JoongAng Daily suggest that many individuals have turned to these rocks as a means of coping with feelings of loneliness, stress, and burnout amidst the demands of everyday life.⁠

Capitalizing on this burgeoning trend, South Korean companies have capitalized by offering rocks for sale as pets, with prices ranging from $5 to $11.⁠

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Remarkably, some of these companies reportedly sell hundreds of these rocks each month, underscoring the widespread appeal and adoption of this unconventional practice in South Korean society.

Written by Telha

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