14 Most Skillful Exam Cheaters You Will Ever See

Bright exam cheating ways made by desperate students will make you admire them for their creations.

Cheating is not the right way to earn things in your life, but sometimes people in desperate times might want to choose the easiest way to pass things. And you know what we are talking about because at least once in our life we tried this method because we were too lazy to sit down and learn. Also, we all know someone in our classes that was a born exam cheater with a very particular set of skills that made us think: How the hell they are so good and never been caught!

We at Viral Stange are about to bring back some of those memories and people who are the real masters of exam cheating.

1. Imagine if she had long nails, she would pass the entire school year!


2. A real hero wrote this outside my math class window!


3. That’s why he loved so much orange juice during exams!


4. He became General Grievous during his exams!


5. The best defense is offense someone said!


6. That is someone with very bright ideas!


7. He played that dirty!


8. The pen everyone really wants!


9. I bet she has the eyes of a Hawk!


10. The moving history is here!


11. Nothing is impossible in our Digital time!


12. He is choosing the path of chemistry!


13. He had no other choice!


14. Ohh I see, the high-tech cheaters are here!


Written by Igli Ismolli

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