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15+ People Photoshopping Their Lives Full of Lies


Indeed, without a doubt, you know what Photoshop is. and what you can do with this program! The advantage of photoshop can be used in graphic design, web designing, digital art and etc…

But sometimes people use it to make pictures to unbelievable level, and today we’re going to show you some people from Tinder got banned because of their editing pictures from photoshop! 🤣

#1 “Dude got banned From tinder because his match was offended by Photoshop.”

funny tinder
4thmonkey96 | Reddit

#2 “I was shopping online when I saw this dress… And those shoulders…”

saithesti | Reddit

#3 “Oh Well.”

KKaena | Reddit

#4 “That is one GIANT ass hand.”

Looks like she can catch anything with that hand!


#5 Always Check Your Reflections!

Right or Left? i think she forgot the left side LOL!

Reddit | InV_lid

#6 “Someone did a poor job levelling this floor.”

funny cloth photoshoped
Reddit | phione

#7 “A local school posted photos on their social media about how they are following guidelines. They photoshopped a mask on the teacher’s face.”

Reddit | magikarpcatcher

#8 Definitely Taken In Paris!

Reddit | CongoSpaceGurlxx

#9 “Saw this post for Ann Summers this morning however was sat giggling at the photoshop attempt in the mirror…”

Reddit | silentwhispxr

#10 “Best giveaway announcement I’ve ever seen.”

Reddit | JonathanTheZero

#11 “Why are her feet so big!?”

Reddit | poggedfrogged

#12 “Internal organs? Never heard of ’em!”

Reddit | Negative_Splace

#13 “Sitting behind exit row. Guy takes his feet-stretched-out pic with the caption: ‘Do I look like I sit economy?’ All from economy.”

Reddit | Jah-Eazy

#14 Just…Why?

Reddit | AndreasBerthou

#15 “Photoshop fail, unless this is a whole new yoga.”

funny yoga advertising
Reddit | tribelawn

That’s it, tell us what your favorite is and let us know in the comment section

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

CEO & Founder of @diysimple Video Agency
Co-Founder @financial_ship Outsourced Accounting Firm
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