Shoppers Need to Wash New Clothes Urgently Says a TikToker

Discover the crucial reason why washing new clothes is essential for all shoppers. Don’t miss this vital advice!

Shoppers, in the quest for stylish new garments, often overlook a critical step. Washing your newly purchased clothes might seem like a mundane task, but the discovery awaiting you is far from ordinary.

A TikTok user, @Els22022, hailing from the US, left everyone stunned as she shared a shocking revelation following her visit to the Lululemon sportswear store.

Credits: tiktok/@els22022

The video shows her sifting through the clothes rack and stumbling upon something unpleasant amidst the sports bras and leggings.

Her initial reaction was disgust as she noticed cobwebs on the clothing, but what followed was even more unsettling.

A few moments later, a scream escaped her lips as a black widow spider suddenly emerged and began crawling over the gym tops hanging on the rail.

“OMG, it doesn’t look real,” she says.

@els22022 Reply to @andrea_english #lululemon #Part2 #fyp #blackwidow don’t worry about shopping this location, it shutdown a week later #popup @torrkro ♬ original sound – Ellen Danz

Ellen quickly rushes outside of the pop-up store with the top to safely remove the spider.

Her video has since gone viral, amassing over 3.1 million views and garnering hundreds of astonished comments from social media users.

Credits: tiktok/@els22022

“The fact you guys didn’t instantly call pest control and run for your life baffles me,” wrote one user.

A second one wrote: “Imagine risking a bite for a piece of cloth.” A third commented: “I mean, I know Lululemon is expensive but just throw the whole damn shirt outside lol there’s no salvaging it lol.”

“THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WASH YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE YOU WEAR THEM!” said another. “Burn the shirts. All of them. Nope. No way.” wrote another one. Someone said: “My heart stopped when I saw the black widow.”

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