The Rock who is bald releases shampoo line

The announcement of Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “The Rock,” launching his own shampoo line, Papatui, has left fans scratching their heads.

Given Johnson’s recognizable bald head, the idea of him promoting hair care products seems paradoxical. Nevertheless, the products are now available at Target stores, sparking a wave of reactions on social media, particularly on platform X.


Some users couldn’t help but express their confusion and amusement at the unexpected venture. One bewildered commenter wrote, “Just the rock promoting his… shampoo,” while another quipped, “The rock sells shampoo… you can sell anything.”


However, amidst the jesting, there were those who decided to dig a little deeper into the matter. Upon further investigation, it became apparent that the Papatui brand offers more than just hair care solutions. In addition to shampoo, the line includes skincare and tattoo care products, expanding its scope beyond traditional hair care.


One insightful user pointed out that considering Johnson’s Polynesian heritage, the inclusion of skincare and tattoo care in his product range made sense.

They commented, “People are hating on the Rock for his shampoo but his brand also has skin and tattoo care which makes so much sense! Show Maui a little respect.”

Written by Telha

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