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Things You Can Do To Prevent Wet Bed From Your Kids

A list of things that can be done to get rid of wet bed from your kids

Wet bed is a habit that can start from early age (4-7) years old and sometimes in rare occasions also in adults but under a medical condition. In children’s even if it is fully trained this still might happen and it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry to much for it.

We at Viral Strange are here for you parents with a list of things that can be done to prevent wet bed from your kids.

Get Rid Of Bladder Irritating Foods

Bladder is the organ that contains the liquids of body before urinating. When is full the bladder reacts by a sensory system that indicates that you are full and need to release it. Some foods that your kids may eat can irritate the bladder and during sleep they lost control of it causing the wet bed. Before sleep try not to consume foods like chocolate ,coke or tea, that may have a lot of sugar an caffeine. You also try to avoid foods with high acidity that may irritate the bladder like lemon ,orange apple etc. Diary foods can make your kid to fall in heavy sleep and stop the ability to get up in time to urinate.

Try Not To Drink To Much Liquids Before Bed

It is a simple calculation, the more liquids drinks before sleep the higher is the risk to urinate in your sleep because the bladder is full, so to prevent this try not to give to your kids to much liquids before bed and make sure to use bathroom before sleeping to release some of the bladder pressure. The best option is to let them get their liquids in the morning and during lunch time.

Buff Up Magnesium Intake

As results from some studies suggests that kids with wet bed condition may be caused because the lack of magnesium in their diet making the nervous system not so responsive to the need of going to the bathroom during sleep.

Magnesium can be taken by supplements or from different foods like bananas, avocados, legumes and salmon. Try to maintain a rich diet with magnesium and less sugar and acid foods.

Creating Sleep Breaks To Go To The Bathroom

Children’s are an new organism that require a lot of sleep to grow up and this makes them heavy sleepers. As we know a heavy sleeper has difficulties to wake up right away duing their sleep this makes children unable to wake up in time to urinate during the night. So it is recommended to create a sleep break during night when you wake up your children to get them to urinate, repeat this until it becomes only one wake up per night and after one week with out wet bed incidents you may stop because the child now is trained to do it by himself.

Communicate With Your Kids

You need to understand that this wet bed thing is something normal and happens to most of the kids during life so you don’t have to be upset or scared about this. Because this might happen form a stress or anxiety so show them support to not feel embarrassed about this. Also talk to them if there is something that disturbs them from school maybe or because you change locations very often etc. The main reason is to support them to overcome this and keep the close to feel secure and loved.

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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