10 Signs How To Know If You Have a Great Chemistry With Your Partner

A List of signs that you should look to understand if there is chemistry between you and your partner.

This is not your ordinary chemistry class and for most of us it is the most important one,because everyone should have a healthy relationship full of love,respect and care. Chemistry with your partner is something you can’t measure with tools or numbers.

The chemistry you feel in a relationship is some kind of emotional high were being around eachother just manages to lift you off the ground and make you feel like you are in heaven. There is chemistry between you two when you start to feel that attraction within you.

You cant see or tast it but surely you will feel it deep inside you and will make your heart start beating harder. The feeling of safety and secure will be all around you.

You can love some one but if there is no chemistry to bond you two forever this relationship can end and it is going to be very hard for you both to maintain it.

So how do you know if you and your partner are actually made for each other? How do you know if you really have chemistry?

We at Viral Strange are going to help you with some signs you should look to understand it. So please take notes.

1. You Both Want The Same Things And Share Common Interests and hobbies.

You find each other the same person but with another gender. You love to do the same things and like to spend time with eachother. You may be in the same profession and love to share your ideas with eachother, or you may like to go to the gym together it doesn’t matter what it is. Importat thing is that you do this things with love and with more love when you are together.

2. You Can Make It Feel Like There Is Only You Two, Even There Is a Crowded Place Around You.

You both feel like there is no other peoples around you even you are in a busy street or in a mall because all you need is eachother and no one can take your attention from your partner. You even may understand each other without saying a single word. You can make any place feeling like home.

3.The Amount Of Respect You Feel About Your Partner Is High.

Respect is an fundamental thing when it comes to a healthy relationship. Showing it to your partner means that you care for them,you respect their ideas or thoughts also means that you both have a strong personality and character.

4.You Both Feel Like Equals In Relationship

There is no I or You in the relationship,there is only we and this means that no one is above or below as a partner. No one feels like giving mutch more than the partner and no one thinks that he or she loves partner more than them. Everything in the relationship is equal.

5.Feeling Comfortable To Share Opinions Even They May Be Awkward

You will start to know if you have a deep and strong relationship with your partner when you start to feel comfortable with your partner to share the truth all the time and to not keep secrets even if they may look like some uncomfortable or awkward things to say to each other.Because you know your partner is there for you and will try to understand it,so there is no need for you both to lie.

6.Time Flies When You Are Together

The amount of fun you both have when you are together makes the time fly.You will be surprised when you find that how much hours have past since you meet.You lost the track of time because there is not a single second you wish not to spend with your love.

7.You Have The Same Sens Of Humor With Your Partner.

As you have many things in common this will make you also have a same sense of humor because the jokes and the laughs will be around the same topics you both like to discuss or joke. This will make your partner your bestfriend.

8.You And Your Partner Does Not Hold Physical Intimacy.


When it comes to physical intimacy both of you find it like something that is out of this world like something divine, and you both dont hold your horses when it comes. You dont have to feel akward at any time or cilngy.

9.You Always Find Things To Make Fun Of Each Other.

You always know how to have fun with each other as long as you are together.Regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going there is only good and quality time when your are with each other. You find joy and happines just by being with one another. You both are happy about these moments and want to keep them forever.

10.You Like Your Time Spending With Your Partner Even There Is Total Silence.

.Even just sitting in silence alongside each other during a road trip or during exams learning is a quality time with your parner. Even for some reasons you don’t share words during your hangouts there is a feeling of being in the right place with the right person.And just seeing them standing by you make you feel good.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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