10 Things You Do That Can Turn Off Your Man Even If He Loves You.

A list of things that you girls do,that are really a down side for your relationship.

Relationships are not always only about love, sometimes love it is not enough if there are misunderstandings, insecurities and feeling uncomfortable with your partner even if you love each other still will make your relation difficult and sometimes may destroy it if you don’t listen to your partner you ignore their thoughts and you don’t support them much.

Viral Strange is going to share with you girls somethings that you may do and possibly you are not aware In doing them but may cause your partner to loose interest in you even if they really like you very much.

1. You act like a spoiled brat .

You act like a spoiled girl . Keep in mind that you have to be a mature lady if you really wantfor your relationship to work. And being a responsible adult will make you able to handle difficult situations well and with required seriosity. If you’re just going to act all the times like a spoiled brat whenever you don’t get all the times what you want, will make your partner feel like he is doing more than you and is impossible to satisfy you with enything.

2. Focusing only at negative thoughts

You only talk about the negative things and thoughts in your life. Yes, sometimes life can be such a burden and unpleasant but and there are moments where you feel down and like nothing is going right. But that’s okay because that is whats life is there in not only sunshine around you sometimes clouds may appear but you need to be strong and to keep moving forward and focus on your bright things in your life,you cant be dragged down to the dark. You should still be able to recognize all the positive things in life.

And if you focus more in negative than your positive things when you’re around him, you are going to bring him down to to this vicious circle of yours.

3. You became jealous whenever he starts talking to or about another woman.

You feel jealous whenever he starts talking to or involve another woman in a conversation. You have to know that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that your partner will loose any contact with every girl in his life. It is clear that you must be his first priority and to not make you feel like you are in competition with someone else for your man. But you shouldn’t over react about it because the right man will know to to divide things and put the right things to their place even without your interference.

4. You look at other boys even when you’re out on dates with him.

Looking at other boys even when you’re out on dates with him it’s just a big turn-off and will kill your relationship imedialty. You need to put down your temptation to check and flirt with other guys, or at least hide those temptation from him and don’t do inappropriate things when you are with him. When you’re together, be sure that he gets all of your attention and love. Make sure that he feels like he is the only one you give your time and devotion.

5. You love dramas so much.

When you love being dramatic and talk so much about people behind their backs when you’re around him,most men doesn’t like that. Men hate anything that has to do with unnecessary drama and keep hearing unessesary things about other peoples. And if you’re going to be a drama queen and attracting drama into your relationship will make your partner feel uncomfortable and will push him away because guys don’t want to involve themeselfs in this kind of relationship. He will try to avoid spending time with you.

6. You invade his personal space.

You invade his own space to be himself outside of your relationship and do the things he like or love to do. You always want that the free time is going to spend only with you.. You start being so needy and always want to be at his side even 24/7 if possible and you get mad if he asks you for some time to do things he likes. Because you are in a relationship does not give you the right to request all his time at your disposal. You need to give him his personal space even if you find it difficult to do.

7. You are a bit materialistic person.

You value more the monetary value than spiritual values on everything. You are always interested about how much something he bought to you costs than idea that he may have been saving up for months to buy you something. You value finances over the effort he made to get something to you.

8. You don’t really talk deep conversations with him.


You usually like or love having deep and meaningful conversation with your man. You always talk about gossips and daily routine. Sure you can talk anything with your partner but getting into an good relationship with someone means that you are able to talk about the serious and deep conversations as well.You need to let him inside your deep thinking to form a real bond between you two.

9. You skipp talking about things that may upset you.

”I’m fine” is not the right answer for everything that may come between you two. Because you need to talk with him about your problems and whats going wrong.He is always ready to discuss the things that you have issues with.And you have to be more open about this with him.

10. You don’t set any real goals or ambitions for your life.

You don’t seem to set any real goals or ambitions for your life. You are always are just floating along with the wind. You don’t chose any real direction that you want to follow in your life. You let everything chosen by fate and don’t take matters in your own hands. You are running around things you like for a moment and when they became monotone to you get bored and throw them away.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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