11 Relationship Struggles That Todays Couples Experience

A list about what things couples of our age have troubles and have difficulties to overcome

Being in a healthy relationship is not an easy task for our era because with the creation of the internet and social media many people struggle to find a suitable partner. Social media can make humans not decide and push them away from reality, Everyone sees everyone and they can’t decide if this or that is okay. It appears for them to have so many choices that will overwhelm their decision.

We at Viral Strange made a list of the things of our time that makes couples around the world struggle in their relationships.

1. Misunderstandings because of texting.

Speaking and sharing information or emotions with someone is not only about just words because sometimes will mislead you to different things away from those you intended to say and texting sometimes may be a bad thing because you cant share your emotions your voice tone or body language with your partner.

You will never be into deep communication through some emojis or virtual texting. Sometimes the best way is to talk about serious things face to face for a better understanding.

2. Thinking always if this is the right thing or person or I’m I missing my true love.

Social media is helping people to doubt more about their partners because of the illusion that out there are so many potential choices and this will make people feel insecure about the relationship there are because of always thinking: What if there is someone better or handsome or beautiful or richer than my current partner? These kinds of thoughts may lead you to destroy your relationship and never find someone good enough to settle with.

3. You are not able to decide by yourself.

Couples today find it difficult to engage in deep and heavy conversation because of being afraid of taking up responsibilities or making a choice by themselves, they prefer the short way to let it pass and pile up with other unsolved problems rather than discuss it and make up their mind. This will make them unable to make a decision even when their relationship is at risk.

4. Interfering relatives with your relationship

It is very known that today many couples try to involve their friends or family in their relationship by asking them advice or sharing stories and problems that you are experiencing with your partner, this is not a good thing because you let others know unwanted information but also give them more authority by advising you without even knowing your partner.

You know your partner better than everyone so you know how to respond or solve any crisis without the intervention of someone.

5. Sharing too much of your relationship on social media.

Sometimes is better to keep your privacy intact because it is not okay to share with hundreds of other people on social media your relationship so often, it will destroy your intimacy but also will make you create an illusive world by creating unrealistic expectations for your relationship. Keep your most important and beautiful moments for yourself.

6. Manipulation

Being afraid to let our guard down in a relationship and not wanting to get hurt makes us do a mistake because it keeps us from showing our true emotions to our partner, this means that our partner is not always aware of the situation that is happening or what we really think about them or what feeling we have for them.

We try to create a response text for any situation without relieving much about ourselves. This will create more problems later. Try always to be yourself and transparent all the time, show your intentions and don’t be afraid of anything.

7. Not being courageous enough to start risky conversations.

Gathering and accumulating things that need to be said often are relationship killers because will prevent you from starting a risky conversation and solving something that can still be solved. Sometimes people never say what troubles them and what there is really important to say, this will make them distance themselves from their partners and they will fail to be courageous enough to start a conversation even if the relationship is in trouble.

8. Social media causing jealousy.


Online interactions and social media have made people feel more jealous toward their partners because they are constantly searching for clues like who is the one he is talking to, or why she gave a heart comment in his photo. This kind of thing may damage your relationship because will create unwanted jealousy and feeling insecure about your partner or even yourself.

Social media will give you a constant fear of being betrayed and this is not good, start to disconnect yourself from this obsession and don’t care too much about online actions because if someone has made up his mind to cheat on you they will find a way to do it with our without the help social media.

9. Constantly include exes in your conversations.

The past needs to stay a past because it may make your partner feel uncomfortable or even upset them. There is no place for discussing your exes and what you feel or have done with them. There is no space in your current relationship for such talking or this may be an indication that your partners aren’t over their exes.

10. Pursuiting for constant excitement.

Sometimes excitement and euphoric is a feeling during the beginning of the relationship but social media, television, and movies thought us that when you are in a relationship these kinds of excitements follow always all the time but this is not true and don’t fall for it because things tend to be calmer after sometimes into being in a relationship.

This kind of wrong perception about relationships makes people quit or leave a relationship as soon as they feel that the excitement and euphoria fade a little bit.

11. Spending too much time.

Sometimes spending time and spending time with someone you consider the center of your world is a big difference. Being in constant fear that you may end up alone makes you being over-attached to your partner and start to tense your relationship more.

Start giving space and free time to your partners to do other things that they may like, this will also boost your conversations because you will have more things to talk about and discuss. Everyone needs his personal space.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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