13 Most Dumbest House Contraction Details That Have An Actual Meaning

A collection of what you thought was just a human error during the construction of different buildings

Have you wondered sometimes when you have passed by near different houses or buildings and something strange felt about them, your eye caught a bizarre object or shape and couldn’t explain what it was and why it was there? You assumed that was a human error and someone dumb made a mistake during the construction, we guessed that you were wrong because not everything that you see is strange and a mistake and doesn’t have an explanation.

We at Viral Strange found and made a collection from different countries around the world with strange house details that have a meaning that will surprise you.

1. Seasonal Fridge in Russia.


This design was found in houses that were builder during the 60s, and it was made inside the thick walls of the buildings to preserve canned foods during the winter.

2. Blocked Windows in the United Kingdom

Wikimedia / © Spencer Means / Flickr

This was a terrible effect of stupid laws during that time in Great Britain because the law was for all to pay taxes for the number of windows in their houses. The richer a man was the more windows with the glass he had in his home. Equivalent to having pricing jets and yachts today.

3. Phoenix bird in Sweeden (Stockhom)


This was common during the 18th century in Sweeden and it was found in buildings in the center of Stockholm because during that time houses were built so close with each other that a single fire could level an entire neighborhood. So the medallion was there to tell the firefighters what house should be saved first, like fire insurance we have today. If the firefighters saw this medallion hanging at the door would make them attend that house first during a fire.

4. Manhole in Germany.


This gate will give access to the dungeons of the Salzbach canal, now it is used for tourist excursions.

5. Sloon Doors in the Western United States

Universal Pictures

The classic doors of saloons are not as impractical constructions as you have thought, because it has some reasons to be built just like that. The first one is to let air in and out for better ventilation, the second reason is to let the light pass by so it can be spotted in the night and tell the customers that it was open, the third one is to hide the shameful things that may happen inside the saloon.

6. Garbage chute in the USSR


They were first used in the city of Vladivostok in 1938 and first were built inside the house but the smell and the difficulty to keep good sanitation made the inhabitants get them outside on each floor of the building. But that wasn’t enough and was finally removed and today they are closed for sanitary purposes.

7. No windowsills presence in Montenegro and Bulgaria.

People that move to these countries for work or pleasure find it very frustrating to not have windowsills, but this is normal there because the thin walls of the building don’t provide enough space for them to be built.

8. A window between bathroom and kitchen in USSR

You Tube

This bizarre detail was built in Soviet houses for two purposes, one because the bathroom was very small and was needed a visual expander of the space, and the second purpose was to provide extra natural light for the kitchen.

9. Pull-string light switches in Great Britain


This kind of switch was created for safety reasons because people were afraid to use normal switches in the bathroom as they could get electro-shocked if they touch the switch with wet hands.

10. Milky doors in the USA


They were designed back in the 20th century for milkmen to deliver the milk to U.S citizens. Usually, the milkman opened the other side of the door from outside and left the milk and the inhabitants could retrieve it from the inside.

11. Witch windows in Vermont


They were first created in the old houses of Vermont because it was believed that witches couldn’t enter inside from a diagonal window. But it was also believed that was this was because it was very difficult to find a spot for windows in the attics.

12. American Toilet


The American toilets are filled with water and European ones are not, this is because the high levels f water prevent the surfaces of the toilet from getting very dirty and there is no need to use the toilet brush so often.

13. Micro-wave oven in 20th century Europe.


These dual-use radiators were a thing back in 20th century Europe and it was used for people to heat up food and dry their shoes and clothes. Today they are not used anymore because of the high energy-consuming.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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