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13 Newest Beauty Habits That Girls Love To Follow

A collection of things todays fashion girls do to mantain a great look.

Beauty standards are constantly changing fast and every year there is something new. Women are more attached to the latest beauty trends and always want to stay in the perfect shape and keep looking stylish, The good thing is that most women are quitting exaggerated makeup or very long eyelashes, etc. Today they value more natural beauty because at the end of the day that’s all you got and should be comfortable and happy with the way you look.

We at Viral Strange made a collection of the newest beauty trends that women like to follow in our present days.

1. Purple Hairs


For many years seeing this color in public would be something surprising and taboo for some countries, but today this color is being used by many even by famous people in Hollywood, because it doesn’t matter the style or the length of your hair this color goes great with all of that.

2. AB Crack


This may sound bizarre but yes it’s a thing because many girls prefer this vertical straight line to the traditional 6-pack abs, but this is not too easy because a big role in achieving it is your genetics.

And combined with a very strict diet and workout routine it is possible to have this vertical line in your stomach.

3. Makeup ”Draping”

This new technique consists in making contouring with your blush that is needed to be on different shades like warm or cold and darker or lighter. Continue to apply the first color as the base on cheekbones and the second color at the top using a brush, it should be a smooth transition.

4. Freckles Tattoo


Sometimes people with freckles felt uncomfortable about them and tried to hide but today they are becoming a very attractive part of our bodies because people that don’t have them from birth are using every method to achieve them like makeup or tattoos.

5. Short Bangs!


Called also as ”Child Bangs” because they give women a fresher and younger look than they are, these bangs are cheap and easy to do, also you can keep a straight line or a messy one.

6. Silver Hair


For some gray and silver hairs are something to hide because they represent the passing time and the uprising of being old, but today it is a very common and stylish thing to dye your hair in golden silver making you shine like a true fantasy world character.

7. Belly Button Plastic Surgery!


The belly button is something we have had from the time we were in our mother’s womb and after birth, the doctors cut the umbilical cord that feeds the baby during the time inside the mother’s womb, the belly button is the reminder of that cord but sometimes during the cutting of it not always it is a perfect as supposed to be and this made many models and other people to undergo a surgery to remake it more beautiful and oval perfect shape.

8. Natural Eyelashes


Personally, for me, it is a great step for our world to come in more natural apparel than that fake and unnatural look. Also, fake eyelashes are becoming a part of the past for today’s fashion trends because women now like to keep their natural ones and find products like aloe vera or grapeseed oil to keep their eyelashes healthy and natural. Keratin lifting creates a curve, dyes the eyelashes a bit, and helps them grow more naturally.

9. Dip Powder For Nails


This nail powder is anti-allergic and is being used very much by nail artists because it has no smell and can maintain its state for a month looking good even after that time and the good part is that it doesn’t require a UV light.

10. Wet Makeup


This makeup looks exactly like it is wet and not like the traditional one that is matte, This new trend will make you shine, and make sure to choose your highlighter, lip gloss, and eye shadow beauty products wet.

11. Messy Eyebrows


The traditional perfect shape eyebrows are coming to an end because women now like to not mess anymore with the shape length and colors of their eyebrows but only like to use an eyebrow gel to style them.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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