Life Optimization Hacks By People

Who would not want a button to achieve life optimization? Everyone! These people have some hacks to help you out.

Life optimization is very much needed, especially when you have a lot to do during the day. I mean… Who would not want a button to do everything around us fast? Everyone!

People have come through some hacks that will come in handy for life optimization and everything that takes up your time. Great minds come with great solutions! Right? No more difficulties.

Viral Strange has collected 14 pics showing life optimization hacks by people that will help you out, too.

1. I use a hairpin to mark the end of my duct tape.

life optimization
© Rough3Years / Reddit

2. Chopstick + 2 Rubber Bands = all the toothpaste in the tube

© CaramelTHNDR / Reddit

3. Pizza Cutters are an underutilized kitchen utensil

life optimization
© MatternTimes / Reddit

4. Use baking sheets to polish your faucets and other chromium details

© Quietation / Reddit

5. My “odd socks box” – every time a lonely sock appears in the washing cycle, it goes here hoping to one day be reunited

life optimization
© Sad-Appearance4437 / Reddit

6. I got tired of family members using a cup and then abandoning it. So, now we each have our colored rubber band we put around whichever cup we use that day… and I end up washing fewer dishes.

© Gtapex / Reddit

7. Phone/tablet hack for car passengers

life optimization
© Quietation / Reddit

8. Organize your spaces with a dab of hot glue and some magnets. I use them all around the house

© wittynamehero / Reddit

9. Use broth in your boxed mac n cheese if you are out of milk.

life optimization
© changetocomeyear3mil / Reddit

10. Today, I remembered that if you do not have a candle, orange skin and oil of olive will do it!

© calicemaxi / Reddit

11. Use those plastic things that come with bread to close chip bags

life optimization
© -Qwerty– / Reddit

12. My girlfriend packs her underwear in her socks for each day she will not be home. I think it is clever.

© DestryDanger / Reddit

13. Make a slight modification to a plugin to get hair appliances off the bathroom counter.

life optimization
© yamahaphil / Reddit

14. Ice cream mug. Hands won’t get cold, ice cream is insulated, more steady to sit on soft surfaces. You are welcome!

© Caffeinated****Face / Reddit

Do you know any of these life optimization hacks? What other would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments.

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