12 Blogger Secrets For Capturing The Perfect Pic

Bloggers share their behind-the-scenes of capturing the perfect picture.

We often wonder how some people can shoot the best pictures and look fabulous! Bloggers are now famous for their eye-captivating content! Their photos look so perfect that people often call them out for editing them.

However, some bloggers have decided to share their secrets for capturing the perfect pictures, with no editing apps, but just with body positioning.

Viral Strange has gathered 12 pieces of advice from bloggers for you to take the best picture ever!

1. Even volume

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The perfect booty pic is the one standing at a half-turn. Weight your body to the leg closer to the camera, and move the other leg back. In this way, your booty will look rounder and not flat.

2. Better posture

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Tuck your belly in, curve your lower back and stand tall! Do not stay in front of the camera with your whole body. Move your upper body forward to make your hands look more elegant, and ring a leg in front of you to make them look better.

3. Accent the foreground

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To accentuate your hips and your bottom try the angle from the side. Move one leg in front of you, and the other behind you. The whole pose will be proportioned.

4. Body curves

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Yep. We are talking again about buttocks, and the secret is out. Pull your shorts or bikinis higher than usual, and try your best to curve the lower back. It will create the illusion of a fitter and curvier body.

5. Lean forward

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Curve your lower back and lean forward. It will create the visual effect of a smaller waist.

6. Hips on the same level

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Toned buttocks? Say no more… Stay on your back to the camera, but make the famous half-turn. Your hips will look on the same level and much toned!

7. Longer legs

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All shorties out there just like me! We found our solution for the best pictures! If you are standing, bring a leg forward and try to capture the pic from a lower angle. If you are sitting and crossing your legs, try to put the knee of the upper leg higher. Thank me later.

8. Move the hips back

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Firm and round hips? Put your body weight on the back leg. Then, bend the front leg at the knee a bit. For a better picture, put your hand on your waist.

9. Hands

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Are you getting confused about what to do with your hands while being photographed? When standing in profile, put your hand above the hip, but do not touch it. It will create the visual effect of a fitter body.

10. Model poses

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Wanna pose like a model? Put your hands on your hips. Put your hands to the chin area without touching your face aggressively. Another idea is to put your hands bent at the elbows. Your hand positions should look natural and not tense. Do not forget to play with your leg position and lower back curve.

11. Posing on your knees

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Regarding pictures featuring the knees, here is what you should know… Do not sit down on your heels. Lift your body and create a curve on your lower back. Your knees should be apart from each other.

12. Everything is about hips (weird, but yes…)

© iskra / Instagram

Shift your body weight to your left or right, and lean your hip to that side, too. Your posture will be more elegant, and your body curves will be emphasized.

Did you know any of these? Which pose is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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