18 Intriguing Photos To Look At Twice

A collection of 18 pictures that are hiding something in there

Sometimes, you just need a closer look to discover things you didn’t even know were there. Viral Strange has collected 18 pictures that need a second look to find out what they are hiding.

1. Priorities

© Paula1Sophia / twitter

2. “My little sister’s outfit for the 4th of July dinner.”

© TheAlligatorGar / reddit

3. “It was really hard to find the 8.”

© Tool32 / pikabu

4. “Bad weather won’t ruin our plans.”

© FamilyGhost / pikabu

5. “We have a wallpaper forest on one of the walls at work. I wonder how long it’ll take the boss to notice my upgrade.”

© mortalbug / reddit

6. Love doves

© ImFlawlessss / reddit

7. Drifting

© mego-pie / reddit

8. “When are you going to give me my money back?”

“On the 39th of June.”

© joemiller02 / reddit

9. What year are we?

© ALieNSin / pikabu

10. Nice AD creative

© J4CKMULL / twitter

11. Is it a real fish?

© eikorn / twitter

12. And there was found a skeleton who waited for the bus to arrive

© retroman89 / reddit

13. Uhm…

© lordumoh / reddit

14. Oh, damn…

© black.skylark / pikabu

15. SIGNED? By who? The Jesus himself?!

© nitro_orava / reddit

16. The grass, indeed.

© yusefabedeen / twitter

17. Smoking kills.

© marceaupial / reddit

18. Oh, cutie!

© Jay__Green / twitter

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