22 Captures That Are Hiding Something In There

A collection of pictures that need a closer look

We often bring new collections of these pictures that kind of hide something in there. Usually, it might be just an optical illusion, and other times, you can discover funny or even scary things by having a closer look.

Viral Strange has collected 22 pictures that need your full attention to understand what’s going on.

1. Rashford and Maitland-Niles with the Titanic pose in the background

© PrathGooner / Reddit

2. What did you watch first?

© Spencee_daddy / Twitter

3. My Father’s chair failing at a Coast Guard change of command

© jonbees / Reddit

4. A hord of mini Brachiosaurus strolling around

© AlyssonFromBrazil / Reddit

5. The new meowtenance worker seems to be sleeping on the job

© unknown author / Imgur

6. I took a pic from my balcony in Korea. Zoom in on the clothesline.

© cultureculture / Reddit

7. A colleague’s husband sent her this picture of his customer’s garden today. It looks quite normal until zoom in and has a look around.

© ArchaicPirate / Reddit

8. Can you believe that there is a face?

© MRwrong_ / Reddit

9. When you see it…

© sheslingshashforcash / Imgur

10. Zoom in on the paint just above the wheel. Happy Father’s Day

© NeutrinoBlue / Reddit

11. This guy put a sweater on his good ornament

© v-Willy / Reddit

12. Glitch in the Mirror

© 00890 / Reddit

13. A normal superhero in Russia

© -LittleBoy- / Reddit

14. This spray bottle my hairdresser uses

© LordSchrodi / Reddit

15. Asked my sister why she took a pic of the fridge, she said “look closer…”

© omgitscuriousgeorge / Imgur

16. Meowl

© miz0909 / Reddit

17. Look closer!

© unknown author / Imgur

18. Furby? What are you doing there?

© TheTrueMcLovin / Reddit

19. Not gonna lie. They had us the first half

© kcgg123 / Reddit

20. Not what you think

© DanOfSteel / Imgur

21. My girlfriend creeped me out with this one.

© HarmsWayChad / Reddit

22. Morality cheat day

© evantheking / Reddit

Which one was the most surprising? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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