18 Signs That You Found A Soul Mate With Your Best Friend

A soulmate is that one person with whom you share an unbreakable bond and connection. Some people’s soulmate is their boyfriend-girlfriend. Others are their dearest best friend. 

Here at Viral Strange, we listed down 18 signs that you found a soulmate with your best friend:

1. You click without even trying. 

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Your connection is effortless, genuine, and true. You found each other in the most inconvenient times of your lives, but that did not hinder you together to build a genuine friendship. 

2. You genuinely care for each other.

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You feel that your existence is not complete without the other. You both love each other even if you are not related by blood. You always see to it that you both feel okay and comfortable.

3. You understand each other without even saying a thing.

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Even with bodily gestures, you tend to understand what you are saying for each other. When the other is down and sad, you do not have to say anything because your presence says so much.

4.  You treat each other like family.

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You have a bond that is so strong. You look for each other’s welfare all the time. You are inseparable most of the time because you are each other’s haven.

5. You are committed to keeping each other.

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When someone commits a mistake, you listen to what the other has to say. You maintain a harmonious relationship because you are open to criticism. You do not ignore each other’s sentiments because you both value each other.

6. You share your deepest secrets and your biggest aspirations in life.

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You feel comfortable sharing a part of yourself that you do not normally share with people because you know that she will understand. She will listen without judgment. You are not afraid to share your dreams with her because she is one of those who will cheer you and will be happy if you reach them.

7. You are each other’s biggest supporter.

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You compliment each other. There is no competition between the two of you. You want to succeed in life together. You cheer each other during cloudy days. You give each other confidence and assurance that everything will be alright. You believe in each other’s abilities with no doubts.

8. You have the same wavelength.

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You understand each other’s humor. You can joke around with each other without worrying the other to feel bad. You have the same depth and perspectives on things which is hard to find with other people.

9. You are sensitive about each other’s feelings.

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You know when she is mad or sad. You know when she is upset about you or the world. You know when to stop talking and just let her cry. You know when the only thing she needs is your hug.

10. You know each other very well even the smallest details.

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You know each other’s likes, dislikes, and mannerisms. You know what makes each other totally happy. You both know the people that you don’t like too.

11. You can tolerate each other’s drama.

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Trust me that there is no such thing as a perfect friendship. You have your own dose of petty fights too. You can tolerate each other’s negative attitude. You can accept each other’s not likable attributes because you embrace everything, but you both make sure to work on it.

12. You can be brutally honest with each other.

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You are both being honest with how you feel about each other since day one. You do not sugarcoat things because you want her to improve. You say what’s on your mind without hesitations because you would rather hurt her feelings with the truth than make her feel happy with a lie.

13. You validate each other’s existence.

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You don’t care about what other people would say to you because they do not matter at all. You only care about what the other has to say because she knows you better than anyone. You both appreciate and compliment each other genuinely.

14. The relationship that you have is for keeps.

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You have so much respect for each other. You hear out one another. You have so much trust that the relationship that you have will last until the end of time.

15. Distance is never an issue.

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Even if you have not seen each other for a long time, when you get the chance to bond again, nothing has really changed with how you treat each other. The spark is still there. The kind of happiness that your friendship elicits is always present. Even if you do not see each other often you understand that wholeheartedly.

16. You make each other grounded in life.

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You make each other feel humble and be more appreciative of everything that you have in life. You give each other lessons to ponder on this journey. You both remind each other to be more giving understanding to everyone in all walks of life.

17. Her existence makes you happy.

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Being around her makes you really happy. She always makes your mood lighter. She makes dealing with life’s challenges a lot easier. You are both smiling and laughing when you are together.

18. There is no pressure in your friendship.

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You both understand that you are battling each other’s demons. You both  understand that you have other things to attend to as well. You understand that she does not have to be there for you all the time. You understand that she will not always there to comfort you. There is no pressure for you to be someone else because being you is more than enough.

Indeed, a true friend is hard to find. It is not easy to have someone who does bring out the best in you. Someone who sees the innate goodness that you have in your heart. A lot of people may go out of your life, but there will always be someone who will stay even when a lot of people are persecuting you.

There will always be someone who will touch your soul and will make you appreciate life even more.

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Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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