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19 Tattoos Turned Into Total Regrets

A collection of crazy tattoo ideas for you not to get

At least 78% of people in the US and Great Britain like their tattoos, says a survey.

On the other hand, 22% of the US and 14% of the British regret getting their tattoos.

Viral Strange has collected 19 pictures with crazy tattoo ideas for you not to make – Otherwise, you will regret it!

1. “Every day I am reminded of how mind numbingly stupid people are”

© JamesTheForest / Reddit

2. “#1 worst portrait tattoo in the world”

© daniellemx / Reddit

3. “What a bad decision looks like”

© PaperkutRob / Reddit

4. “The word ‘tacky’, just transformed itself into a picture before my eyes”

© mokaloka / Reddit


© Totallynotadinosaur / Imgur

6. “If terrible tattoos became reality”

© CowPrintPony / Imgur

7. “My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex wife!”

© SomeJagaloon / Reddit


© AcidCow

9. “The stupidest tattoo I have ever seen”

© diamondlife2 / Reddit

10. “Forever.”

© Paperkut / Imgur

11. “Its is now or never”

© timothymr / Reddit


© AcidCow

13. “Tattoo fail”

© IndigoSalma / Imgur

14. “First pic released of Mr. Freeze from new Batman movie”

© Brandnewbaseboards / Reddit


© AcidCow

16. “A guy wanted to tattoo his own name. He used google translator to translate it into Russian and tattooed “no translation” on his back.”

© ControlTheBit / Reddit

17. “Girl wants to tattoo ‘I love [her bf’s name]’ in Hebrew, uses automatic translating. Result: ‘Babylon is the world’s leading dictionary and translation software'”

© hillai / Reddit


© AcidCow

19. Check Mate

© AskJ33ve / Reddit

Have you any regrets regarding tattoos? What would you never get as a tattoo? Tell us in the comments!

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