19 Times Logic Left The Chat

Times when people showed a lack of intelligence and logic

Not everyone has common sense. Not everyone has intelligence. Not everyone has developed critical thinking skills. That’s okay, because even sometimes they may upset us, other times they will make us laugh.

Viral Strange has collected 19 pictures that show logic is not part of the equation anymore.

1. Is that a WCycle?

© Nikiforidis /

2. RIP luggage’s wheels


3. It needs some olive oil, too!

© Ahmed Al Saleh /

4. Oh… It hurts my eyes!

5. The Riddler.

© funlovinkrimenal / imgur

6. Meals on wheels

© youandmeandrainbows / imgur

7. The correct way to customize the unused buttons in your car.

© Sevnthsyrkle / reddit

8. He’s the mechanic. He is fixing it!

© Electrical_Attempt / reddit

9. Happy Thanksgiving!

© puggless / imgur

10. It looks like the beginning of the pandemic

© alexmix / pikabu

11. New U-Haul option

© TheSpamburglar / imgur

12. How to use a payphone in 2016

© jordandg14 / reddit

13. The joys of singleness

© trogdorBURN / reddit

14. The world upside-down

© acidcow

15. Friend saw this on the interstate

© unknown / imgur

16. For when the urge suddenly hits you

© RiceBowl9514 / imgur

17. Crazy hair day.

© ateart / imgur

18. Charging the battery

© unknown / imgur


© SESHOK / yaplakal

Which one is the most non-sense of them all? What’s your thought on these? Let us know in the comments!

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