27 Famous People That Have Big Age Differences With Their Partners

A list of celebrities that chose their partners with a big age differences

Many couples have age differences from each other but that difference is something acceptable following today’s social and cultural standards. It is common to find old men to have a younger woman for a partner and sometimes young men choose partners much bigger than their age. Their preferences differ from each other and we can’t say what is right and wrong, because Love Is Love and happens, and choose anyone and anything as it pleases to the heart.

Hollywood celebrities are very known to have relationships with huge age gaps between the couples and are more open to not-so-common relationships!

We at Viral Strange are about to show our followers a list of famous people that have huge age differences.

1. Tom Kaulitz And Heidi Klum.

The couple got their first date in 2018 and during that time Klum was 45 years old, The couple has sixteen years of age differences.

2.  Dennis Quaid And Laura Savoie.

This couple has a really big age gap because the famous actor is thirty-nine years older than his partner.

3. Sarah Paulson And Holland Taylor.

Sarah Paulson,41, dated 72-Year-Old Holland in 2015. And the couple has a thirty-one-year age difference.

4. The King And Queen Of Bhutan.

The duo has ten years of age differences and married in 2011 and gave birth to a son in 2016.

5. Harrison Ford And Calista Flockhart.

Ford was aged 60, while Calista was 38 when they first meet, and the couple has twenty-two years of age differences.

6. David Foster And Katherine McPhee.

The couple has a 34 years age difference

7. Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Sam Taylor Johnson.

She is 23 years older than her partner Aaron.

8. Hugh Jackman And Deborra Lee Furness.


They first met in 1995 and have 13 years age difference.

9. Felicity Huffman And William H. Macy.

The couple got married in 1997 and have a 12 years age difference

10. Emma Heming And Bruce Willis.

The couple got married in 2019 and have a 23 years age difference.

11. Camila Alves And Mathew McConaughey.

During their first date, Camila was 23 and Mathew was 36 with a 13 years age difference they got married in June 2012.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio And Camila Morrone.

This beautiful couple has 23 year age differences.

13. George Clooney And Amal Clooney.


George was 52 and Amal 35 years old when they first met, The couple has 17 years age difference

14. Julius Tennon And Viola Davis.

The couple have 12 year age difference

15. Nikki Reed And Lan Somerhalder.

They started their relationship in 2014 and have a 10 year age difference.

16. Hilarie Burton And Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The couple started dating in 2009 and Hilarie and Morgan have a 16 year age difference.

17. Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin.

The couple first met in 2011 and have a 26 year age difference.

18. Blake Lively And Ryan Reynold.

This beautiful and hilarious couple met in 2010 and have an 11 year age difference.

19. Jay-Z And Beyoncé.

Jay-z was 32 years old when he first met the 20 years old Beyoncé in 2008 and the couple has a 12 years age difference.

20. Adam Levine And Behati Prinsloo.

Levine was 34 and Behati was 24 when they first met in 2012, the couple has a 10 years age difference.

21. Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi.

Ellen and Portia started dating in 2004 and the couple has 15 year age difference.

22. Princess Charlene And Prince Albert.

Prince Albert II of Monaco was 42, and Princess Charlene of Monaco was  22 when they first met and the couple has a 20 year age difference.

23. Mary-Kate Olsen And Oliver Sarkozy.

Oliver is a 50-year-old French Banker, and Mary-Kate, 33, got engaged in 2014. and have a 17 year age difference.

24. Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas.

This lovely and famous couple has an 11 year age difference.

25. Jason Statham And Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley.

Jason Statham was 52 years old when he first met the famous model-actress Rosie and she was 33 during that time, the couple has a 20 year age difference.

26. Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones.

This famous couple has a 25 year age difference.

27. Eddie Murphy And Paige Butcher.

The couple got engaged in 208 and have a 17 years age difference.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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  1. I fell in love with a man from Syria 10 years older than me. As (rather short) time went, the Arab muslim culture shone through as he more and more treated me as something lower than a rat or a roach. I don’t care about age difference, but I have learned the hard way to stay away from certain cultures.

  2. Keep going backward in this math and see how old the older partner was when the younger partner was only 17. Give you a fresh take on what a child molester could look like……. IJS

  3. I was married twice to men older than me and it didn’t work.met current husband whom is ten years younger than me and we will be married 33 yrs,age is just a husband tells me everyday how much he loves me.we have a great marriage.

  4. My mother’s husband is 13yrs younger than her and has always treasured her and he is currently making sure she is his focus as she battles a condition that is rare and difficult to manage

  5. As someone married to a partner far apart in age myself, I can guarantee you that the most important difference these couples notice is completely separate memories & learning from extraordinarily different ways of living & events happening in different Generations–much more so than physical appearance!!!

  6. Age is just a number. When you love the person you’re with, you don’t even think about it. 8 years difference between my common law husband and I and we’ve been together for almost 18 years now. They all look so happy so who cares what anyone else thinks.

  7. I honestly can’t tell the older person when it only shows the age difference without naming who is older than who. And as far as the rest of them they look like nice normal couples.

    • My wife was 25 yrs younger than me ,we had 2 beautiful ,when they were 3 and 19 months old she left me and for the last 20 years virtually raised them on my own ,looking back the gap was too big and she was to young .

    • Correct the beautiful young women go where the $$$$$ is” I treat women with all kinds of love & respect, but since Iam poor…. no young beautiful lady wants too be with me

      • I hate it when guys self victimize, convincing themselves of ideas like this as truths/facts… That is such an ass backwards logic as most of the most popular guys my age I know (mid thirties), are total broke asses with no plans or specific motivations for the future just being totally aimless douche bags sleeping around & spending their time at bars, clubs, events, & anywhere there’s pretty girls &/or drinking going on.,. I’m dating a guy who yes, happens to be successful & I get girls claiming they ‘wish’ they had a guy that treated them so well & was doing so well but the reality is they don’t, lol. They’re pretty girls, they could date whoever they want but the guys who are doing well are usually the guys who are in bed by 10pm most nights & up for wrk or helping w/ the family by 6am, the guys who aren’t exactly avail to be at the gym 3+hrs./day, . Guys who aren’t putting their image

      • && the next party first lol. I tell them all the time, you could have a guy like mine & you could have everything we have IF you were actually committed to making the sacrifices necessary, putting in the work that’s necessary, && committed to standing by, being there & available, helping, & supporting your man in his efforts to climb the ladder in life. You don’t want to skip out on the all the male attention you get going out to parties w/ friends at night though, you don’t want to be stuck sitting at home cleaning the house, taking kids/dogs to Apts., && being available to assist in meeting your man’s/home’s needs while your man is trying to work lol. You don’t want to have to help out with his business doing the office wrk or marketing work or whatever work he needs help with to help his business grow, you just want some man to show up in your life & give you everything for

      • Everything for nothing lol. Some perfect looking man who spends all day at the gym & yet still somehow has time for you & to get enough wrk in to make that kind of money, lol. They don’t want to even have to spend time w/ him or sleep with him, lol so what they really want they mean, is to win the lottery lol. && women like that can’t manage money for shit so despite claiming they want some man with money… They don’t. As when really given the choice, they choose the broke ass f*ck boys every time…. So I whole heartedly disagree as many women dating men who make good money aren’t exactly the kind of women who just want to sit on their @sses doing nothing in life, they’re usually just as goal oriented as their partners & are therefore not dating a man for his money, but dating a man who shares common interests & values whom they’ve put in the work WITH from the ground up. Most of these

      • Women met these now wealthy men, long before they had this kind of wealth so it just so happens that being two goal oriented motivated ppl, they’ve worked TOGETHER in a partnership to get where they are. In most common citizens cases, it takes two to be able to earn like that & have a family successfully. Hence why married couples do better financially more often than single ppl… I mean, ever notice how most money hungry ‘gold diggers’ who are lazy & selfish don’t actually have any money? Lol. Most live in apartments by themselves as grown ass men smart enough to earn well & save wisely aren’t exactly blind dumb dumbs who can’t spot a lazy uncommitted woman coming around trying to get at his money while offering nothing substantial themselves… This perception that all women care about is free money & housing is just stupid. Women might not want to date men who have no direction,

      • Motivation, or goals in life, men who aren’t AT LEAST as capable & hard working as they themselves as women are, && that makes sense as who wants to be the only one holding up the whole damn family with anything to offer here, especially when you’re already the one who gets stuck with having to have & raise the kids & take care of the home front? So of course women aren’t going to be attracted to a man who won’t work at least as hard as they do, who has nothing to offer them in the way of meeting a women’s needs.. I mean, c’mon.. Women aren’t as shallow as men in the way of dating/having relationships purely seeking out a sexual relationship. It’s a give & a take. && while many women over the age of 30 could go months w/o sex, even years in some cases I hear, men seem to NEED a sexual companion. This is something realistically that women have to offer men, not including support,

      • Companionship, house cleaning, baby sitting, sometimes money and/or health management, & yes, even work & income in so many cases these days in this modern age. But what are young men or men in general offering women that they can’t already offer themselves & actually feel they need??? It’s so unfair to literally bash women like we’re just these shallow lazy creatures just for having different needs than men, I could argue men are shallow for dating girls based on looks & a desire for sex which men are pretty open about (having heard several men tell me the reason they literally left their wives & kids being that their wife ‘let herself go’ after birthing 3-4 of HIS damn kids resulting from sex without condoms HE insists he needs, or because his wife wasn’t having enough sex with him), so to sit here & be like, yea it’s okay that we pick women based on looks & aim to date, hell even

      • willing to do anything for anyone or any reason, not even for himself. These guys whom I supported financially… They literally didn’t do ANYTHING but suck ng resources dry living off me & taking from my body/energy like soul sucking shit heads… They got into trouble all the time, brought trouble to my home, cheated on me, it was like having a delinquent teen son and being a single mother instead of a true relationship with a Man I could actually count on to show up on time for me when I needed him. So it’s about SO MUCH MORE than just money, paper dollar bills someone’s assigned value too… It’s what it means overall for your relationship & his character as a man, if the most motivating thing in a man’s life, isn’t motivating enough to get himself off the couch & do something… If he’s so selfish he doesn’t want to have to share anything of his with you while wanting you to literally share

      • You’re body which then usually means a commitment of raising his kids at some point, your essence, your valuable time, your literal lifetime with him. As a woman, I’m only one person, I can only be in so many places meeting so many needs at once, && if I’m sacrificing my own levels of success & opportunities for financial progression & advancement within a career to be available to him, to give him my attention & time, to meet HIS needs & take care of his home, & OUR kids, & our kids’ needs, I really only have so much time left in a day to put in hours at work. I need him to freaking contribute SOMETHING. Lol. Not like these jobless guys are meeting my sexual/emotional needs, keeping my house & caring for my dogs & kids & all the associated Apts. for me, making my meals, bringing me lunch at work, helping me get through college to recognize my dream job… Not like they’re making

      • Themselves constantly available fir my every need & even just to give me attention when I feel I need/want it like so many men seem to need of their women.. I can’t even tell you… Lol, men are like little infants, they get jealous of your time & attention going to ANYONE or ANYTHING other than them, wanting you to be available every time & any time they should call throughout the day or want to come home for an afternoon delight… Like infants, they need to constantly be on the t*tty… && it just ridiculous the way they paint women as these total gold diggers if we have ANY needs of them outside the need of sex which is a need of THEIRS, not OURS as women. So again, we’re already meeting their needs just by being available to meet their biggest most primal need being sexual… WHAT needs of ours are they meeting just by hanging around at our homes being one more of the children sucking on

    • Obviously it’s not about money when most these women were already extremely wealthy on their own.. 🙄💁🏼‍♀️😅🙌🏻

      I’m dating an older man w/ about a 16 year difference between us & I had no idea how much money he made when we first started dating. Based on his job he could’ve made a fairly normal upper middle income of something like 1-300k or more, based on the car he drove, the way he spent, lived, & the way he dressed you wouldn’t think he made any more than 30-80k a year lol. Now, since being with me his business has grown substantially & he’s doing pretty well for himself, but I hate it when ppl try to say it’s about money when it’s like, you don’t even know us lol. I wasn’t getting anything out of seeing him when we were first together, had no idea how much he earned, not like we were spending more than 1500-3500 a month… Idk why it would be so hard to believe that women would

    • Fall for men who are older, more experienced in life, & who can make them feel protected. It’s no secret men & women mature differently & it’s certainly noticeable in my own age group as men even in their 30’s these days seem to be about as mature as 16 year olds… I don’t like having to feel like my bfs fucking mother && that’s what dating in my own age group feels like these days with these guys who are selfish & lazy in every possible way one could be. I don’t want to have to be the only one working toward anything in life, the only one raising the kids, the only one paying the bills & managing the money, the only one concerned with savings, the only one giving anything in the bedroom… Lol like, I’m sorry but boys in recent generations have been raised to be little selfish unmotivated immature b*tches, wanna be thugs.. It’s not our fault single baby boomer & Gen X moms have done a

    • Horrible job with their boys… Not our fault every second boomer generation wife & Gen X wife seemed to think they were too good for their families & husbands & left their boys fatherless & alone at home to not raise themselves… Not our fault we are forced to have to date older if we want to find someone whose truly capable & committed to being a lifelong partner… Not our fault there’s no bachelors/options within our own age groups or that even in a normal generation only about 10% of the students will grow up to actually do anything with their lives & that in our current generations girls are severely out pacing the guys, what with ONE or TWO make students in each college class made up of all females… it’s no wonder so many of these girls are dating older. Besides, this is not at odds with the long-standing traditional nature of mankind that women seek out or gravitate toward older more

    • Experienced matured men actually finally ready to settle down. && with all the absent fathers in my generation, it especially shouldn’t be surprising girls are wanting men who have the stability & foundation & resources to be able to give them the love, support, & attention they crave & need.

    • Expect to date substantially younger women way out our league looking like young models with our beer belly ass ungrounded selves but then go on the attack calling women shallow for what? Wanting to date men who actually want to be committed to working hard and building a family?? Lol it’s funny b/c it was my own father himself who told us growing up not accept gifts from boys we weren’t interested in in that way, who told us if a man isn’t willing to go to work for you & you weren’t enough motivation for him to want to work hard, if a man wasn’t willing to share what he has with you, that he’s JUST not that into you && will not be there for you when times get tough. && I’ve learned that to be true in my own self experiences in life, if a man isn’t chasing me, && isn’t even willing to hold down a damn job to bring something to the table w/ me, he’s likely a selfish lazy fuck who isn’t

    • The t*tty so to speak, sucking our resiurces & time & attention dry??? We meet their male needs but if he’s not working hard to provide SOMETHING, what needs of ours as women is he meeting?? Cuz we have what could be called childlike needs too. We also have needs, different needs as we are a very differently built gender, but we have needs for safety, protection, && YES, support when we can’t work & we’re 7 months prego with his kid & have toddlers if his already, what with the kids you eventually have together not even in school all day yet at that age having drs & dentist Apts. all day & needing to be literally breast fed!?? Who meets our needs when he gets us knocked up & we can’t put in the kind of hours he can??? Who keeps us safe & keeps a roof over our heads??? The man whom we earn more & work harder than?? A woman’s needs are different. Period. Yes, we need support, protection,

    • Safety, help with heavy things or dirty jobs one has to be physically strong to do. We aren’t as good as tinkering & fixing things, putting things together etc.. Like we have needs in life too, && it’s not our fault nature & evolution have built us in the way it has to compliment each others different needs. It’s not men’s fault it’s the women whose bodies get destroyed having to carry his children over, it’s not our fault men are stronger & can generally work more hours & accomplish harder tasks than our little bodies can. It’s not men’s fault they feel a literal need for sex & can’t be loyal to a woman they aren’t physically attracted to, just as it’s not a woman’s fault she feels a primal need for safety & stability within the society she lives being the weaker of the two genders… Not our fault women make better care takers, nurturers, nurses, human incubators, etc. than men just as

    • It’s not a man’s fault men generally do better with thinking logically, working with
      Money & numbers, going out into the world & navigating the world… So yes, do women generally feel more attracted to men who have stable jobs, decent incomes, & who can allow them the ability to do their part better in being better wives, raising his kids, taking care of his needs & so on..? Yes. But it’s not about him solely having a lot of money. It’s about what that means/says about his character when he can at least be motivated enough & giving enough to be able to give back to & be there for his family as a woman is going to inherently & biologically be looking for a man for the purpose of settling down & procreating/having a family with that man. Obviously she’s going to want that man to have stability. But with that said, most women aren’t looking for men who are simply just ‘rich’ or wealthy. .

    • You’d be surprised to find, just like many men don’t exactly want the 10+, due to the high maintenance issue & whatever, most women don’t exactly want to date some rich arrogant asshole whose never home or available to her where she’s going to end up all lonely in her ivory tower.. Most women are actually looking for that stable middle class/upper middle class ideal life where yes, he works, earns more than enough, & is stable, but who still has the time to spend with her & whom she can enjoy whatever money & resources they do have, TOGETHER.

    • Until it isn’t and they die 27 years before you. I do respect and agree with the sentiment though. Just would be unfortunate to hate 25% of your life left without your “life-..long.-.. partner” I’m sure you can see why they phrase now seems a little uhh over exaggerated and overly romantic now in this instance