7 Manifestations That You Are Finally Over Him

Moving on from a broken relationship is one of the hardest things to do. It is not a walk in the park for sure. You can’t sleep and wake up the next day, and you are over him. It actually needs a lot of courage, bravery, and patience. You have to have the courage to face tomorrow without that person that you invest so much of your emotions and feelings. You have to be brave in writing a new chapter of your life without that special person of your life. Most of all, you need patience in the process because it might be repetitive. When can you fully say that you are over him?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed 7 manifestations that you are finally over him:

1. You don’t stalk him anymore.

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Since you are still in denial about what happened, you want to check his social media account to check for clues. You want to know the possible reasons why the relationship ended. You want to check if he is already with a new girl. You can’t stop with your curiosity to the point that you want to know if she is better or prettier than you. But when you are over him, you do not  bother to check out on him. It does not affect you anymore because you are busy hustling for yourself. You do not feel the need to check on him because it does not make sense anymore. Also, you don’t get upset or feel jealous when your friends tell you that he is flaunting his new girl online, because why would you? You can also read 20 Powerful Tips On How To Move On.

2. His presence does not bother you anymore.

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During the first stages of getting over him, you do not want to see him because he reminds you of the pain. But when you are finally over him, his presence does not affect you anymore. You don’t feel awkward, accidentally meeting him somewhere. You do not feel the need to avoid having personal interactions with him because you have already accepted everything. When you are with the same circle of friends, everything is civil between the two of you. You do not have the same interaction and relationship before, but everything is okay.

3. You don’t feel any sparks anymore.

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When you are in love with someone, you feel a mix of electrifying feelings for that person. When you see him, everything feels light and happy. You feel like there are a lot of butterflies in your tummies when you are with him. But when you are over with him, you do not feel that special connection with him anymore. You do not feel the kind of happiness you felt before.

4. You can openly talk about what happened to both of you.

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When you are in the middle of moving on, you don’t talk much about your heartbreak. You don’t even share much about it with your friends because it hurts. Thinking about the flashbacks and the memories are a pain in the ass. You do not want to think about it, but you overthink in the process, which is killing you. The good thing is, after moving on, you can openly talk about the chaos you experienced. You don’t feel shy talking about your experience because it shapes you to be better. You even share your journey with people who are going through the same thing. You uplift them and share your words of wisdom because you are living proof that you will be okay eventually.

5. You want nothing but the best for him.

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At some point during your moving on process, you hated him. You can’t accept the fact that the person who once made you special hurt you. You are so upset and frustrated that you fall for his sweet words. You can’t fathom the idea that it took you for a while to figure things out about him. But when you already address the heartbreak, you only wish everything good for him. You did not end up together, but there is no bitterness in your heart anymore. You wish that he finds the one that is a better fit for him. You only have so much love in your heart again because you are ready for a new beginning.

6. Your instinct tells you that you are okay.

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You can’t help but go through that unbearable feeling when your heart is hurting. Your emotions are overflowing, and you only want to be alone. You want to cry because you want to let out how you feel inside. You want to avoid social interaction as much as possible because you feel like your judgment is clouded. On the other hand, when your instinct says that you are okay, then you are indeed okay. Your gut feeling will tell you because you do not feel the heavy feeling anymore. You feel excited about what lies ahead because it feels good to be back on track. Happiness is all over your face again, and it looks good on you.

7. Your heart has finally healed. 

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Going through heartbreak will give you cuts and scars that will change how you see yourself. The good memories you shared will forever be there. It is hard not to be emotional when you remember the good things you had. But when your heart has healed, you embrace the scars that you have without hesitations. You may not be ready to engage in another relationship, but your vision is clear that you will love again. For now, you will focus on making yourself better, so when the man that is better suited for you comes, you can give the real love that he deserves too.

Each one of us has a different timeline in moving on. We have different ways on how to cope up with heartbreak. It may take longer than the others, but that is okay. You do not have to pressure yourself to feel okay because that is your journey. Your journey is not the same as the other people’s. One thing for sure is that your pain is temporary. It gets better as time passes by. The burden gets lighter when you start opening up your heartbreak. Lastly, moving on feels liberating when you finally find yourself again.

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Written by Zhwlya Azad

There are two things I love to write about, one of them is travel and the second is food. Why not combine both of them and come up with relationships.

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