7 Signs of Genuine Happiness

One of the best feelings in this world is to feel genuine happiness. You can have the best job but feel discontentment. You can have all the material things but feel sad. You can have everything but still wallow in misery. When can you say that you are genuinely happy?

Here at Viral Strange, we listed 7 signs of genuine happiness.

1. You have a sense of peace of mind.

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When you have inner peace, nothing can ever break your spirit. You will not dwell anymore on what people will say because you know your truth. Do not stoop down to those who are trying to bring you down. You will focus on your happiness and will not meddle with people’s opinions and distractions. You have better things to focus on because your life does not revolve around drama and gossip. You will do your best to protect your inner peace at all cost because that is what you have to do. At the end of the day, you mind your own business because you have a productive life to live on.

2. You have a  sense of contentment.

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People usually find it hard to feel contentment. We always crave more of everything. Our heart desires things that we can’t bear. But when you are genuinely happy, you will find happiness in whatever you have. It is not that you are settling for less, but you have a grateful have. You realize that you are even more blessed than other people. There is nothing to complain about because life is pretty much giving you what you need. You feel contentment so you also give back to people. You share your blessings because that is a good thing to do.

3. You are happy with other people’s success.

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Genuine happiness is when you support people for the success that they are having. You do not have to feel envious because you will have your time too. You do not have to bring down and question their achievements. You have to be happy for them. You do not know what they lost along the way for them to reach success. Happy people have the attitude to uplift people. They have the right mindset all the time. They are careful with their words because they do not want to hurt other people. They spread happiness to other people because that is what they have. It radiates to other people too.

4. You speak of kind words.

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Happy people value other people’s feelings and happiness. They know when to speak. They know the words to say. They do not jump to a conclusion. If they have nothing good to say, they will choose to be silent. They have a mature mind, so they have a better judgment on things. They genuinely compliment people. They say kind words and uplift people who are struggling in the dark. They are good listeners. They make you feel that there are so many beautiful reasons to keep fighting in this complicated world.

5. You develop a great connection with people.

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When you are radiating happiness, you develop a better connection with other people. You understand them better because you are more in touch with yourself too. You tend to understand more their struggles. You become more sensitive to their feelings. When you are happy, you attract positive and genuine people in your lives too because people do not want additional negativity in their lives. You tend to see the bigger picture and focus on the brighter side of life. Your positive energy becomes contagious and will create a positive impact on other people. You become a source of strength and happiness for others too.

6. You feel beautiful inside.

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When you are happy, you see the beauty in everything. You see the good side of people, no matter how they treat you. You embrace everything about yourself with no doubts. You accept your imperfections, and you also work on your shortcomings. You always strive to do better for yourself and others. You do not wish to be someone else that is because you are beautiful with your own skin. You are happy for who you are because you know your strengths and your potential.

7. You accept your mistakes.

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Happy people own up to their mistakes. They do not blame people for their actions. They do not have a bloated ego after all. They ask for forgiveness for the not so good things they have done. They have a strong sense of character that they are mature enough to face the consequences of their actions too. They acknowledge that they are a work in progress, so they are open to criticism. They are open to positive changes and will do everything to be a good example for other people.

Achieving happiness takes time. You have to address your inner issues first before you can have that. You have to be secure for who you are before you can fully say that you are happy. You do not have to rush things. You do not have to rush anything. One thing for sure, continually embrace yourself and do good always. One day, you can finally say that you have genuine happiness because you prioritize your happiness.

Written by Dwarozh

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

– Henry Ward Beecher

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