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9 Signs That Will Make You Know If Your Baby Is Ready To Come Out

How to know if your baby is at the right time to get labored

Being a parent I something very divine and beautiful especially if it is your first pregnancy. Some people are very overwhelmed at first and may need a little bit of help. Sometimes what you have seen on tv or in movies is not particularly correct. There are some signs that will tell the mother that her baby is about to come out and finally meet for the first time.

We at Viral Strange love to inform the new parents out there of the first signs that your body will show if you are near the time to labor.

1. Back pain and increase of cramps.

The hormone changes and the increase of the baby’s weight will make the mother feel it because she will start to have more back pain or cramps. Also, it may be caused by stress or muscle separations. If she is near labor time these discomforts will accompany her too.

2. Joints feeling loose

Because of the hormonal changes the women experience during pregnancies, it may help them with relaxing and make ligaments or joints feel looser. This is achieved by two hormones that women produce, progesterone and relaxin. It is also known for pelvic and abdominal muscles to expend to make more room for the baby.

3. Diarrhea

It is more common to happen during the trimester of pregnancy because of the diet and hormonal changes the mother goes through. Because the baby needs nutrition, the mother is obligated to support that request by eating more. It is also a sign that the labor is near and the body is being prepared for it.

4. You have reached the maximum weight and it stops right there.

Your gaining weight stops or may decrease a little bit because the body must lose amniotic liquids. This doesn’t mean your baby doesn’t continue his growth.

5. Feeling tired and your instincts rise up.

This is not absolute in every woman because some of them experience an energetic pregnancy near the end but most of them start to feel tiredness and something very cool happens because the instincts of women make them try to nest themselves like animals do it in the wild.

6. Vaginal liquids change color and consistency.

The seal of the uterus which is a mucous plug is about to get shattered and come to pieces or as a hole and some women can’t get it all out. This makes them have increased vaginal liquid discharge and color change. The pinkish color is the more near laboring day you are.

7. Contractions start to become more frequent and stronger.

If the mother has very strong contractions it is a sign that labor is near although contractions are experienced months before birth the ones that are painful may indeed say to you that you are near. If the contractions usually stop right after the mother has changed her standing position is not an indication.

8. I think we all know this sign because the water starts to flow.


Even though in media is presented as the first sign of pregnancy in fact it is the last the women experience before giving birth. Also, it is not common to happen to all of the women out there. It happens only to 15% of them. What you feel is the break of the amniotic sack and membranous sac which contains your baby inside. It is believed that this is caused by the chemical reactions from your baby’s brain signals.

9. Baby rotates with his head down.

Your baby starts to drop with his head towards the mother pelvic region, his head is positioned between the pubic bones of his mother. This happens 2 weeks before labor in the women that are about to become mothers for the first time, with the women that had multiple successful deliveries it is harder to predict when the baby is about to drop.

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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