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Before-And-After/ Models Promote Self-Love By Sharing Their Bodies’ Journey

Stories of models who gained weight and promoted self-love with their before-and-after pictures

Many people share their body transformation journeys, usually from a bigger weight to getting slimmer. However, some models started sharing their journeys of gaining weight alongside body-positivity messages.

Viral Strange has collected 10 stories (part one) of models that have shared their weight gain experiences.

1. Iskra Lawrence

Instagram | @iskra

Iskra Lawrence is a body-positive model and an Aerie ambassador.

On National Eating Disorder Awareness week, she posted a before-and-after pic showing her body’s transformation.

Instagram | @iskra

“I know now that my body is mine and therefore perfectly imperfect and my home to be cherished. Grateful I’m here to tell my story when there are too many lives being lost from this mental illness.”

2. La’Tecia Thomas

Instagram | @lateciat

La’Tecia Thomas is a plus-size model. She said that she didn’t love her body when she was a size six.

She gained weight and with that, she gained a boost of confidence, too.

Instagram | @lateciat

“I remember how unhappy I was In the picture to the left, I would loathe certain parts of my body. I had so many insecurities, I compared myself to other women and I lacked confidence.”

3. Allison Kimmey

Instagram | @allisonkimmey

Allison Kimmey shared some before-and-after pics in a bikini body, sharing messages about body positivity.

“There’s a lot of hate in this world…and people are ready to bring you down at any chance of finally feeling more worthy themselves.”

Instagram | @allisonkimmey

“And there’s something I need you to know: no matter how much you change- your circumstances, your body, your finances, your job, your relationship status – You are worthy of JOY, LOVE, OPPORTUNITY, and probably the most important and least received: RESPECT,” wrote Allison on her Instagram post.

4. Dana Patterson

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa

Dana Patterson is a model and an athlete. She shared her story with her Instagram followers: “I know some people don’t understand why people struggle with or what it’s like, to have an ED or deal with any kind of mental illness. I will tell you from experience, there is nothing like feeling like you are completely out of control of yourself&your mind, or using an ED to try to attempt to gain some semblance of control back, in a small way.”

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa

“Struggling doesn’t make you weak. An ED is not a choice, but recovery is. Health is not something that is skin deep or defined by your size. I want you to know that this journey is imperfect, if you are in recovery and you are struggling, you are not alone. I can tell you, this community is here for you. Recovery isn’t just possible, it’s at your fingertips.”

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa

“Your weight, your body, your trauma, do NOT have to define you, or the life you live. You are stronger & braver than you could ever imagine & you can overcome anything. Your worth & your beauty are not defined by anything skin deep.”

5. Tabria Majors

Instagram | @tabriamajors

“A healthy body image, 50 lbs, and 2 double D’s later! I was 170 on the left, 220 now, and can’t believe how much I hated the way I looked 10 years ago,” wrote Tabria.

Instagram | @tabriamajors

“Now I’m more in love with my body than I’ve ever been! Stop self-loathing and start self-loving #transformationtuesday.”

6. Aliss Bonython

Instagram | @alissbonyt

Aliss Bonython has been sharing her journey of anorexia recovery.

“DO WHAT SCARES YOU AND OWN IT. My before recovering from an eating disorder pictures aren’t shocking, you can’t see my ribs, I don’t look skeletal – just unhappy. I’m aware that people can still see that before picture and tell me how much healthier I was, and probably think it’s ‘body goals’ or ‘inspo’ but anorexia nervosa isn’t goals, it isn’t glamorous.”

Instagram | @alissbonyt

“I had problems with my joints from lack of nutrients, heart palpitations, fainting spells, and blackouts. My skin was always cold and I was broken.”

Instagram | @alissbonyt

“I may have gotten fat, but I’m HAPPY. Never underestimate the importance of mental health.”

7. Megan Jayne

Instagram | @podyposipanda

Megan Jayne has a huge following on her Instagram. She recovered from an eating disorder and inspires millions about body positivity.

She keeps educating her fans about the fact that healthy bodies may come in different sizes.

Instagram | @podyposipanda

When asked: “Wait so you just decided to RUIN your body?”, Megan answered: “Nah, I just stopped torturing myself every day for not fitting an image I was never supposed to be,” she explained.

8. Jolene Jones

Facebook | Jolene Nicole Jones

Jolene Jones is a former bodybuilder with a firm body. However, she came to a point of realizing she was not happy. On her Facebook, she wrote: “A six-pack didn’t make me happy. I was never enough and always needed to improve. Your body is quite LITERALLY the only thing that gets you through this life.”

Facebook | Jolene Nicole Jones

“Your worth and joy isn’t weighed by what you can lift or what the scale says,” she continued. Happiness is what matters the most!

9. Maggie Greene

Instagram | @maggiegreene

Maggie Greene considered her body transformation an emotional one. She gained between 30-35 pounds in two years.

10. Jovana Fit

Instagram | @jovanafit

Jovana Fit shares her journey of losing weight in unhealthy methods. That happened until she put a stop and started putting her health a priority.

Instagram | @jovanafit

“Losing weight was healthy for me until it wasn’t. I didn’t take drastic measures until I noticed that I started to. I lost the majority of my weight in a controlled and sustainable way…until I became addicted to the way losing 100lbs sounded and craved more.

Instagram | @jovanafit

“Yeah, I gained some weight back. But now my health is my MAIN priority. And realizing that my health meant so much more than being fit physically was a huge wake-up call.”

Have you experienced body dysmorphia? What is your relationship with your body? Tell us in the comments.

Written by DADADEL

Adelaida, the founder of Dadadel Creative, boasts a multifaceted background, blending expertise in software engineering, copywriting, and digital marketing. Prior to establishing her agency, she honed her skills as the former Head of the News Department at a regional media outlet, and also amassing 18 years of experience as a host. She has a penchant for sarcasm, a passion for lifestyle topics, and an undeniable love for cats.

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    • I agree with your comment there. Some look ok, but in my eyes some are to thin. I prefer a woman with a bit more meaty build as they look more healthy than a stick thin as being as thin as that they look anaemic. Which I know as I am 6.2, and my weight for my build is 12.5-13 stone but I way just over 9 due to anemia. I don’t likey look as I look unhealthy even though I do eat like a horse everyday and I evercise, but not enough to lose all weight. Bigger or average build is sexier than a stick insect

      • Some of us are natural, not intentional – stick insects as you rudely put it! Your height of 6.2 and weight of 9 stone is just slim built which you may naturally be and over 10 stone for you would put pressure on your joints. Being anaemic doesn’t cause weight loss it is the weight loss/poor diet/skipping meals/vomiting/purging that causes anaemia or genetic anaemia due to ethnicity or some other disease or condition like anorexia bulimia or an overactive thyroid even cancer/leukemia treatment can leave people anaemic or for females heavy periods/child birth. Go see ur doctor/gp to find root cause of ur anaemia. I’m no doctor but sounds like overactive thyroid (with ur height) to me that may be going on.

  1. I think most of these women were toooo skinny before but there needs to be a balance between being curvy and unhealthily overweight. A happy medium would be nice from both a visual and health perspective.

  2. Sorry but the models that gained weight are not healthy and have eating issues. Do not show us your rolls of fat, they are unattractive and don’t inspire us in any way. You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful. But it’s disgusting when you see women that are overweight wearing clothes that they shouldn’t on their way is hangover disgustingly

  3. I can tell everyone for sure that the majority of these women are very attractive to me. The only reason that they all don’t fall into that category is simply because of personal preferences. We all have our preferences. I don’t understand why someone wants to have one of those super models that want to eat a few pieces of carrots for an entire meal. If any one of these women were to come to me before I was married I would have jumped at the chance to get to go on a date with them. However, I have been married for over 25 years. My wife wasn’t a plus size when we met. But, after listening to me for awhile she gave in and started eating like she secretly wanted to do. My wife isn’t obese and these women are not either. But, I can tell you that they are least likely to hook up with a loser if they Love their body and themselves before trying to Love someone else. They are indeed BEAUTI

  4. This whole thing is jaded. The premiss here is that fat shaming is wrong. It is wrong. !!
    But then women with no discipline show shots to justify bad habits that are suppose to be ok. Instead of showing pictures how about you show before and after health stats and BMI. They all are beautiful no matter what but are they healthy?

    • You eat everything in sight and only hang out with people with equal levels of low IQ that will tell you how beautiful, strong, and brave you are to have bigger back boobs then front. No it isn’t beautiful

      • Youre a disgusting pig. Just because they don’t give your old ass a hard on doesn’t mean you have to fat shame them. I bet you have bigger boobs than your wife. If you even have one. Go get a life and stop being a pervert.

  5. For all the men on here talking about women and how they look better before let’s see your body pics?! If you men have the nerve to fat shame a women you better be hitting the gym 5 days a week…….

    • I don’t have to do anything because a “strong independent woman, (and obviously fat) tells me to do so. It’s a “patriarchy” remember, for all you loons spitting out the talking points we all laugh at. The fat women are gross and unhealthy. There is your truth nugget. You’re all smoking woke and don’t understand how dumb you’ve become in the name of getting along. I don’t f’n care if I get along with you or not. You’re all drama queens and make those around you miserable. Let’s Go Brandon

  6. Omg niektóre kobiety były naprawdę cudowne i piękne a teraz wyglądają jak anorektyczki….okropne kilka zdjęć naprawdę przeraża z jak pięknej kobiety robi się patyk.

  7. Congratulations! You’re promoting an unhealthy way of life for everyone! Just wait for all of the health issues, expensive Dr bills and medications you’ll be on for the rest of your life! Oh and don’t forget about diabetes, that’s the best part! Continue to gain weight and get as fat as you can! That’s EXACTLY WHY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES FUND MANY SITES AND ADVERTISEMENTS PUSHING WEIGHT GAIN. They are the only ones that benefit from your unhealthy lives. Good luck!

    • You’re probably just a skinny b**** who likes to fat shame people. Shame on you. These women said they hated being as thin as they were. Youre just self protecting. Stop body shaming them and go get a life.

    • What man, like the other guy said none of them are even close to morbidly obese so stop being a tool bag! If any of those ladies read this you are all gorgeous you were gorgeous before and you’re even more gorgeous and sexy now that you have gotten healthier and gained a little bit of weight, don’t listen to dummies like this guy he’s probably living in his moms basement rent free playing games all day getting no female love!!

    • I’m sorry but would u rather look like a vacuum sealed bag of sticks cause no shame and I doubt it was even there choice to be that skinny but some of the girls looked sick and most of the time the only reason why there that skinny isn’t because of how they have there diet but how there manager has there diet and if a girl isn’t at the “right” weight they figure out ways to make everyone happy even if it means drugs so think before u want to assume anything cause models have been hospitalized because of how little they way an even died most doctors actually prefer u to have a lil extra weight especially if you are able to manage it and manage ur health and majority of models after gaining weight talk to there doctors about ways to stay at a healthy weight

  8. Only one of them look better in the after picture this is ridiculous promoting unhealthy eating habits by calling them body positivity.. I’ve never felt better when I was out of shape versus when I was in shape it’s ridiculous to promote something that is absolute nonsense…

    • Only like 1 of these woman looked healthy before they gain just a little weight and only literally 1 girl looks like she gained a little too much but they all look healthier than they did before. Way too skinny

    • I am 5 ft tall and keeping my weight down has always been an issue. I was always Physically Active I had a job that I was on my feet and constantly moving and lifting. Then I would come home and exercise with my friend or go for long bike rides. My energy was amazing. But now that I am 63 I’m experiencing a lot of health issues and even though I feel I don’t eat that much I’m overweight. It’s very disheartening

      • You say you are overweight? OK, so what is your weight? You are what? 5ft? I Are you retaining water or even dehydrated or naturally larger heavier boned or developed an underactive thyroid? I’m 5ft 1 1/2 ins naturally of slight slender build weighing 6 1/2 stone. I’m just a bit turned 48 yrs and this is my long standing weight, it can fluctuate nearer to 7 stone, a bit of weight fluctuation in us all is normal regardless of our height or weight. I have friends shorter than me who are different body builds and much much heavier than me. I have 6ft the plus whatever inches friends only a little heavier than me. And have friends same height and shorter who are tinnier framed than me and naturally a little lighter in weight than me. Both my sisters are shorter than me and significantly heavier than myself, they both naturally have different body frames to me. x

    • I couldn’t agree more. One girl was too skinny…I think her last name is Greene…but other than that, I agree. I’d do anything to be thin again like I used to be. I’m glad these women are confident but their excess weight isn’t healthy and I speak from experience.

    • If you pay particular attention to most of these people you can see that most of their weight in the before photos is from their bone mass. Plus, they actually have a waist. It just isn’t what those bony supermodels put out there. Sir, if you pay attention and if you want a healthy relationship and healthy kids down the line. It is best to have a full figured spouse than miss carrots for each meal and puke those up anyway. Think about long term relationships. I mean 50-75 years of a partnership. Can you have a healthy relationship if ½ of your partnership has been miserable for their entire life. If you look with your heart in mind. Do you want to have someone who has not been honest with themselves. If they aren’t honest with themselves what makes you think they will be honest with you?

  9. 4 and 9 shouldnt be on this list i eat bowls of cereal bigger than them but the others oh man thicker is so much better and attractive. Keep the thick coming and put them toothpick girls in the middle of your sandwich because thats where toothpicks belong that or on rare occasions in the corner of a mobsters mouth. Thats it! Joking love your body big or small and be yourself and be proud of yourself because only your opinion about your self matters. Be happy kind to others and always put the toilet seat down.

        • Nope! He is definitely body shaming by referring to those whom are of slim/slight/athletic builds as tooth picks! All I can say is he must have really wide gaps between his teeth! And that he best book himself into his local dentists to get those huge teeth gaps closed up pronto with a fitted brace. Maybe wire his mouth & fingers up too thus stopping him speaking & typing bullsh*t! Some of us are naturally of slim/slight/athletic build & healthy & not battling constantly to stay slim/slight/athletic. People are all different shapes & sizes naturally. Only small backwards minds struggle to comprehend & just a accept that without name calling!

        • Umm he writes, “joking, love your body big or small” sometimes ya gotta see the humor and sarcasm. Or maybe watch Saturdays Night Live.
          I prefer to live a life where I can laugh at myself and not take someone else’s opinion as a personal attack on me and its none of my business to speak up on behalf of others. They will if they want.

          Im am genuinely sorry you felt uncomfortable.
          I’ve been there many times.

          But I do try to take responsibility for myself and stop reading something that offends me. Or better yet, sometimes I read on and possible learn something new that I may have been wrong about or see it for what it is, humor and satire.
          I thought he was pretty funny and I’ve been the toothpick and thicker.
          But hey, I grew up watching Saturday Night Live every week.🤷🏻‍♀️