GREGGS Addict Shows Her Body Transformation

Discover the incredible body transformation of a woman who was once a Greggs addict. See how she overcame her cravings and achieved her goals.

GREGGS-addict Staceylee Richards had a tough time saying goodbye to her favorite bakery. In 2015, the 38-year-old struggled with her weight as she fought against her cravings. While she later became a bodybuilder, she soon regained the pounds. Temptations at her banking office, where there were always cakes, biscuits, and coffee, made it even harder.

Greggs was the primary culprit for Staceylee.

“Working in the banking office was hard as there was temptation everywhere; if it were sometimes birthday, there would be a cake, or at long meetings, we would have biscuits and coffee.” shared Staceylee.


Staceylee confessed to being addicted to Greggs and shared that she visits the bakery every lunchtime to indulge in a steak bake, bean melt, ham and cheese baguette, a sausage roll, and a jam doughnut.

In October 2021, the now-personal trainer decided to get into shape.

Staceylee got in touch with her former coach and soon gave up the daily consumption of her addiction. She spoke about the challenge that she has now conquered.

She said: “I was addicted to food and I would think about it constantly. It was my comfort for when I had ups and downs as food always made me feel better until later on when the guilt would hit.”

The former GREGGS addict is currently weighing 9 stone. She is delighted with her weight.


According to The Sun, Staceylee, who used to weigh 15 stone at her heaviest, has confessed that the mere thought of her past Greggs addiction now disgusts her.

“My eating and lifestyle habits are worlds away from my banking days and I could not be happier. Now I cannot even find women’s size four jeans that fit and I have to shop in the children’s section. I am the happiest I have ever been.”

The trainer emphasized that she would not exchange her current physical form for anything in the world, not even a delicious Greggs steak bake, regardless of how tempting it may be.

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