Maxim’s Hot 100: Ashley Graham as 2023’s Sexiest Woman

Discover who claims the title of 2023’s Sexiest Woman in Maxim’s Hot 100 list – Ashley Graham takes the crown!

Maxim’s Hot 100 crowns Ashley Graham as the 2023 Sexiest Woman, marking a historic moment as the first plus-size woman to earn this honor. In this year’s list, numerous women boldly embrace their allure in front of the cameras like never before.

Ashley Graham began her modeling career at 13 and quickly became a trailblazing advocate for body positivity and plus-size models.

Maxim's Hot 100

At 35 years old, Ashley Graham is a mother to three children and enjoys sharing her parenting experiences with her fans when she’s not strutting down the runway. Maxim recently interviewed the accomplished model.

She said: “I hope this inspires more women to embrace their curves and their beauty… I look up to women who are fearless and authentic.”

“I’ve been told I’m too fat, too old, too this or that. But I’ve learned to turn those negatives into positives. I’ve learned to love myself and celebrate my uniqueness.”

In addition to her, Maxim features various categories for Women of the Year, including iconic celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and top fashion stars, among others.

Emily Ratajkowski’s nomination as Fashion Legend of the Year feels fitting.

Maxim's Hot 100

At 32, she consistently dazzles us with her fashion flair. A dedicated single mother, she authored the New York Times bestseller ‘My Body’ and launched her podcast, ‘High Low with EmRata,’ showcasing her unstoppable drive.


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Margot Robbie, known for ‘Babylon’ and ‘Barbie,’ claims the title of Hollywood Heartbreaker.

Maxim's Hot 100

You’re likely attending the ‘Barbie’ premiere solely for Margot Robbie’s magnetic presence. She’s excelled in various roles, portraying charming characters with a flair for fashion and intense mad scientists wielding spiked bats.


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Ariana Grande unquestionably deserves it, as evident from her title of Icons and Megastars.

Maxim's Hot 100

Kaia Gerber has been honored as the Model Citizen of the Year!

Ivona Dadic emerges victorious in the Fit & Fabulous category.

Maxim's Hot 100

Pop sensation Doja Cat emerges victorious in the category of Sultry Songbirds.


Pop sensation Doja Cat has been making waves both in the fashion world and the music industry. Her chart-topping track, “Woman,” has set a remarkable record with over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify, making her the highest-streamed female rapper of all time.

What’s your take on Maxim’s Hot 100? Do you think Ashley deserves the reign? If not, who would be your top one? Let us know in the comments!

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