This woman has 5 rules for her next boyfriend, people get divided

Taylor’s TikTok video outlining strict rules for her boyfriend sparked debate, leading him to create his own set of reciprocal expectations.

Navigating relationships can be intricate, often involving expectations and boundaries.

However, one woman’s viral TikTok video showcasing the “rules” she’s set for her boyfriend has garnered significant attention, accumulating over 786k views.


In her video, Taylor outlines five non-negotiables for her partner, beginning with the prohibition of having a female best friend, citing potential complications.

She emphasizes the importance of sharing locations for safety but clarifies that constant monitoring isn’t her intent. Additionally, she firmly opposes visits to strip clubs, advocating for equal financial responsibility in dating, and disapproving of liking provocative Instagram photos.


Taylor’s stance sparked debate among viewers, with opinions divided on her rules.

Some criticized them as signs of insecurity, while others resonated strongly with certain points. In response, her boyfriend created his own set of rules, underscoring reciprocity in expectations within the relationship.

Written by Telha

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