14 Green Flags Of A Decent Boyfriend

14 signs you might have the best boyfriend ever

There are many things we appreciate in people. Especially if someone is your boyfriend. However, there might be some signs that may indicate that your boyfriend is a decent partner. Viral Strange will list them below:

1. He doesn’t get mad when you spend time with other people

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He respects the boundaries and understands that each one of you has their own freedom.

2. He doesn’t insult you on your clothing style

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He respects your choice of expression and doesn’t make a big deal of what you’re wearing.

3. He never goes to sleep without making up after an argument

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Communication is key in a relationship. If he tries to fix the situation and make amends after an argument you both had, hug him tight!

4. He makes an effort in your friend group

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He always tries to integrate into your life, even making your social circle love him more.

5. He supports your passions

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Someone who supports your hobbies, even if he doesn’t like them himself, shows that he takes an interest in them because he loves you.

7. He also includes you in his life


Family gatherings, social hangouts, fun time… He doesn’t shut you out. You’re his partner and you’re included in all his major aspects.

8. He has no problem apologizing to you

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Apologizing might be difficult, and sometimes our pride doesn’t let the words slip out of our mouths. If he apologizes to you, means that his pride isn’t worth more than his character.

9. He tries not to make you feel uncomfortable

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He will do his best to make you feel comfortable around him because your emotions are important to him.

10. He looks forward to the future

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He plans a future together. You are not just a temporary fling.

11. He pays attention to you

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He listens carefully and never takes you for granted.

12. He makes compromises for you

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In any kind of relationship, there are compromises to be made. If he skips a night out with the boys, just to stay at home with you, or if he escorts you to a business meeting even if he doesn’t really like your colleagues, appreciate it.

13. He treats you like a teammate

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There are many challenges that come in life. As long as he has you on his side, you both can deal with everything that comes your way.

14. He opens up to you

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He is vulnerable and opens up to you because he trusts you. He values you and wants to share everything with you.

I should mention that these work for a female partner as well! Do you have this kind of man by your side? What do you think is another ‘sign’ that shows he’s the one for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. My boyfriend well now fiance he does all these things. He lets who called him. He even invites me to come on with him to his door dash I even help him delivery the food. He tells me that he is sorry after our argument. He calls or text me that he loves me when he is out in about. Sends flowers to me.
    He is amazing I love him

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