Psychologists: 5 signs you’re in a relationship with a narcissist

In recent years, narcissism has permeated our daily conversations, sparking curiosity about identifying and recovering from relationships with narcissists

Much of my work involves aiding individuals exiting, navigating, or healing from such abusive relationships.

Here are five signs you might be dating a narcissist:


1-Overly charismatic:

Narcissists can initially exude excessive charm and intensity, showering you with flattery and validation to win you over swiftly. However, if it feels overwhelming or rushed, trust your instincts; they often switch gears once they’ve “won” you.


2-Abusive tendencies:

Whether emotionally, physically, or both, narcissists can be abusive. Initially subtle, their abuse may manifest as put-downs, criticism, or manipulation of your vulnerabilities, leading to blame-shifting and gaslighting.



Narcissists evade accountability, denying or justifying their abusive behavior by making you doubt your judgment and sanity when confronted.


4-Two-faced demeanor:

Skilled in deception, they maintain a facade of kindness in public while displaying cruelty and belittlement in private, rationalizing their behavior as acceptable.


5-Isolation tactics:

Narcissists seek to isolate you from others, demanding excessive time and attention while guilting you for any desire for independence or social interaction outside the relationship.

If any of these warning signs resonate with you, take a moment to evaluate the health of your relationship. Are your needs being met? Does your partner foster a positive self-image? Do you retain autonomy beyond the relationship? And importantly, does your partner take responsibility for their actions?

Written by Telha

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