Unusual Signs of Pregnancy You Might Not Know

Are you in doubt about whether you are pregnant or not? You should probably know these unusual signs of pregnancy that might be unexpected.

Unusual signs of pregnancy are those coming unexpectedly. You might not even know them! The human body goes through many changes during pregnancy. The physical, emotional, and psychological changes come unexpectedly, and you might overlook them!

Viral Strange has gathered 8 unusual signs of pregnancy that you might not know.

1. New skin tags on your body.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

Due to changes in hormone levels, your body develops skin tags which are skin growths appearing during pregnancy.

2. Having a watery mouth.

Ptyalism gravidarum, a.k.a excess saliva, comes along with nausea and vomiting.

3. Food tastes like metal.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

A phenomenon called dysgeusia happens in the early stages of pregnancy. It makes the food taste to you like metal.

4. Sore gums.

Hormonal changes cause sore gums during pregnancy. It is also known as pregnancy gingivitis.

5. Runny nose.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy rhinitis leads to a runny nose and experiencing sneezing. It affects 20% of pregnant women.

6. Shortness of breath.

Hormonal changes can also cause shortness of breath. It happens during the early stages of pregnancy.

7. A strong sense of smell.

Unusual Signs of Pregnancy

Hyperosmia, or heightened sense of smell, is a common pregnancy symptom. It ends after the first trimester.

8. You crave unusual things, like chalk or soap.


Many pregnant women experience weird cravings, such as chalk, soap, or metal. The name for this is pica, which means you crave non-food items. If you ever experience the desire to consume these items, see your doctor ASAP!

Have you ever got any of these signs before knowing that you are pregnant? What other unusual symptoms did you have? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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