Widen Your Eyes, Most Craziest See Through Celebrity Dresses

Uh-oh, do you like what you see?

From the craziest see-through dresses to the exposure of flesh, we present to you the spiciest outfits of the female celebrities on the red carpet. Starting from models Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner to the most visually pleasure creature for your eyes: Megan Fox and Irina Shayk. They have showed more than we can bare in those minimal, nude dresses.

Class mixed with a bit of class and wild, is what these outfits can be described. Brace yourselves to see exposed some of the sexiest women on the planet. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but some curves really make the difference among other stars.

“Whatever you say daddy”, luckily for us MKG made Megan Fox get almost undressed on the red carpet for his own pleasure, and we are glad he chose this look on her.

Em Rata has always something to show, whether is the top or the bottom of her body. Eyes-full when you take a look on her chest in this gorgeous elf-dress.

The classic beauty Bella Hadid has some heads turned when she walks by, and this photo shows why. The gorgeous supermodel look with a touch of elegance, suits her perfectly.

Sheer much? Kendall Jenner killed her 2018 Cannes figure with a braless net-glowing classy dress of La Perla.

Russian beauty Irina Shayk doesn’t need to cover much, because she is the meaning of perfection in flesh. Being conscient about this, she covered only the essentials in her sheer black dress.

Like a peeled banana, that’s what you’ll perceive when you see Angela Sarafyan’s gown by Celia Kritharioti at Vanity Fair 2017 event. She was completely uncovered on two sides of her body, showing more to the eye there is to see.

The whole dress on Zoe Cravits in this look is being tied only by the two-sided ribbons. The YSL dress focus was definitely to show off her thigh.

Rita Ora always shows her wild side by the way she chooses to dress. She got all the attention at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards with her daring Giuseppe Zanotti black dress.


So cheeky! Ngoc Trinh’s Đỗ Long showed off her curved back with a sheer black dress.

Written by Telha

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