10 Signs That He Is No Longer In Love With You

There will always be changes in your relationship as time passes by. The only constant change in this world is change, so you have to embrace it no matter how painful it is. Sometimes, these changes are not easy to handle. Most of the time, it will really break your heart. You have to affect the fact that some love does not last long.

Viral Strange listed down 10 signs that he is no longer in love with you:

1. He is not as sweet and as thoughtful as before

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You notice a sudden change in the way he treats you. He does not make as much effort as he always does. He longer informs you if he is going out somewhere.

2. When you are together, you can really feel that his presence is not there anymore

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You can sense that he is thinking of something else. You can really feel that he is there with you, but he is not with you at the moment. You can tell from the way he reacts to the way she responds to your questions.

3. He does not find ways to fix your issues anymore

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He is fine with not communicating with you for a long time. He is okay with not seeing you for a long time too. It becomes strange to you because he normally sees to it that everything goes well with you both.

4. He does not open up to you anymore

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It is strange that he no longer shares how his day went. He does not share stories with you anymore. He has been so cold with you for the longest time, and you cannot comprehend why.

5. Every time that you are talking, the conversation is starting to sound dead

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He becomes too bored when you are together. He does not have the same enthusiasm and energy to talk with you. He does not have a high spirit anymore. He is not eager to open up about topics that you can talk about.

6. He does not talk about his plans with you anymore.

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You start to become out of the picture of his life, and it has become clear to you these days. You feel like you are no longer exist in his life. You feel hurt because you did not expect that he will treat you that way.

7. He easily gets irritated and frustrated with you for no clear reason.

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He will not say anything when you try to ask him if there is something wrong. He will dismiss the conversation when you try to address whatever issues he has. He does not want to have deep conversations with you anymore.

8. He blames you for the lapses in your relationship.

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He knows that he is secretive with you lately, but he blames you for the failing relationship. You do not have open communication anymore, and it is very frustrating on your part.

9. He becomes so insensitive to how you feel.

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He does not consider your feelings anymore. He does not care if you will be upset or mad about his impulsive decisions. He has totally neglected you for no apparent reason.

10. He is so fond of making up stories for you to be upset.

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He makes you jealous of other girls intentionally. It has become so clear that he obviously wants his way out of the relationship. He wants you out of his life for good.

When you do not love your partner anymore, it would be best, to be honest with her. Let her know how you truly feel than to dump her away with no clear reason. She can accept whatever your decision will be. She will not force you to stay.

Please be brave enough to tell her the truth because she deserves it. She deserves to know everything. She will appreciate your honesty. She can take the pain for sure. She will not stop you from leaving anyway.

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