13 Age-Defying Makeup Transformations That Will Amaze You

A collection of makeup transformations in 50+ years old women

Makeup artists have brought a new era of art. We see amazing transformations every day on social media.

These artists get out of the box with their ideas, even though sometimes it’s not for daily use. However, some makeup artists use their talent to bring out the most of women’s beauty.

This time, Viral Strange has collected 13 makeup transformations made for 50+ years-old women that look stunning before and after!

1. The makeup artist Callista Lorian Thomas went for softer shades to the overall look.

© callistalorian / Instagram

2. Making the eyes pop!

© callistalorian / Instagram

3. Wayne Krisna Gonzaga-Miketon shared an amazing transformation of one of her clients

© Wayne_K_Artistry / Instagram

4. Julia Stronach’s makeup for her auntie’s 80th birthday!

© julzplatinum / Instagram

5. “I did my grandmother’s makeup!”

© katingvideos / Reddit

6. “My mother hates makeup, but I put some on her anyway!”

© BookaholicBeauty / Reddit

7. Beautiful transformation by Anar Agakishiev

© anar_agakishiev / Instagram

8. Amazing transformation!

© anar_agakishiev / Instagram

9. Just enhancing the natural beauty!

© anar_agakishiev / Instagram

10. Making people happy!

© anar_agakishiev / Instagram

11. “Before and after I did my mom’s makeup!”

© TheWhitestBrown / Reddit

12. “I redid my mom’s makeup.”

© LetitiaIorga / Reddit

13. “I got my mom some makeup for her birthday and finally got the chance to show her how to use everything!”

© i_dont_love / Reddit

Have you ever gone through a makeup transformation? Do you put makeup on your daily life? Tell us in the comments!

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