80 Year Old Robert De Niro Tears Up as He Talks About His Baby Girl

At 80 years old, Robert De Niro shares his deep emotional connection with his youngest child, Gia Virginia, highlighting the significant impact she has had on his life in the past 9 months. Despite the unexpected expansion of his family, the seven-time father emphasizes his capability to give love to the newest member.

In a recent interview with AARP The Magazine, 80-year-old actor Robert De Niro, star of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” became teary-eyed as he opened up about the joys of fatherhood with his youngest child, Gia Virginia. He expressed the profound impact she has had on his life in the past nine months, emphasizing the sheer delight of becoming a new father in his ninth decade.

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De Niro passionately described the sweet way Gia looks at him, creating a strong bond between them. Expressing concern about the future, he shared his desire to be around for as long as possible to enjoy watching her grow. Despite the challenges, the two-time Oscar winner conveyed a sense of joy and fulfillment brought by having a seventh child.

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The announcement of Gia’s arrival was made alongside De Niro’s partner, Tiffany Chen. The couple deliberately planned the pregnancy, and Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro was born on April 6, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces. De Niro happily shared this news, even revealing an image of their adorable baby girl during the interview.

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Acknowledging his anticipation of fatherhood with Tiffany, De Niro humorously commented on the significant event. Despite having six other children from previous relationships, the actor embraces the challenges of parenthood once again. He corrected a reporter, clarifying that he actually has seven children, with names like Drena, Raphael, Elliot, Helen, Aaron, and Julian from previous relationships.

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The actor’s relationship with Tiffany began in 2015, working together on the film “The Intern.” In August 2021, the couple was spotted during a romantic vacation in the South of France, displaying their affection for each other. Amid a contentious divorce battle with his ex-wife, Grace Hightower, a judge ruled in April 2022 that she would receive an annual sum of $1 million, and the couple would split proceeds after selling their home.

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The surprising revelation about the new addition to De Niro’s family emerged when he corrected a reporter about being a father of six, highlighting the unexpected joy brought by Gia Virginia.

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