9 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Your Partner

Nine signs you might be addicted to your partner

Our brain is very complex. Sometimes, it acts as self-destructive, and we cannot understand it. How? Well, for a starter… Have you ever thought about how can a human being direct all his attention to another human being, even “forgetting” himself? According to Dr. Femke Buisman-Pijlman, Ph.D., an expert researcher at the University of Adelaide in Australia, falling in love can feel the same as getting drugged.

“When you [first] fall in love, you can feel ecstatic like with initial drug or alcohol use,” says Buisman-Pijlman. She goes on to add, “When the thrill of new love subsides, you could be left with a psychological dependence where you think you need the other person.”

Viral Strange will list 9 signs that might possibly tell if you are addicted to your partner:

1. You are being obsessed with your partner’s whereabouts

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You keep trying to figure out where your partner is to the point of feeling miserable unless you fully know about their activities.

2. Sex during inappropriate times

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It’s not a problem if you are always having sex. The problem is where you’re having sex in the most inappropriate places and during the inappropriate moments.

3. You break your own rules and boundaries in your relationship

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Being addicted to your partner also means you bend your own rules, just for the sake of it. If you cannot respect your own boundaries, your better judgment is being compromised.

4. Spending too much cash on your relationship

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Spending money is another part of being addicted. You won’t sustain a good life, let alone the relationship, by being financially irresponsible.

5. You cannot be happy without your partner

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A strong sign of addiction is not being able to be happy without your partner. You don’t find anything else interesting unless you’re doing it with/or in the presence of your partner. It’s not bad doing nice stuff with your lover, but try to fulfill your daily life with activities that make YOU happy.

6. Your self-worth depends on your relationship

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Love yourself. Embrace yourself. Be proud of yourself – in or out of a relationship with someone else. No one should affect your self-worth.

7. You only feel alive with your partner

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It’s not bad to feel alive with your partner; It’s bad when it happens only when you’re with them.

8. You’re afraid of being alone

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If you’re not comfortable being alone, you won’t be in a relationship. The feeling of being afraid you’ll be alone will make you dependent on the relationship, even in the worst scenarios.

9. Neglecting your other responsibilities

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Being addicted to your partner and relationship means neglecting all the other responsibilities in your life because your relationship takes the most time of your day. Start keeping a balance!

Have you ever been in any of these situations in your relationship? Let us know your story in the comments!

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  1. Yes I also was an addiction of someone many of these signs were existed in my life, since I left all these signs I moved towards my real life where I understood my responsibilities being a human being.

  2. Yes, reading this I always get super attached in my relationships and vary controlling becasue I’ve been cheated on an lied to. Makes sense reading all this every single one is right about me I took almost 3 years to be alone no physical touch no sexual touch and I felt Amazing but taking this time alone, I got back into relationship and this same thing happen again!! It’s like you can take so much time to find yourself and then go back into the same cycle..

  3. Yes,as of now I can’t sleep without my partner.lots of annoying things goes inside my mind specially during night I can’t sleep well without him.I always think also what happen if we will be separated someday?we’re the same separated but with different story,my husband is drug addict full of vicious and irresponsible.his wife go together with other man,I don’t know what’s the real reason.after his wife left him he had a four women before we meet,his reason if he didn’t understand the character of woman specially when he knows that his gf was cheating he never hesitate to leave them.during their time he is very addicted of any good time like drunken,singing in karaoke with drinks but during our time together he left all of his vicious.he is good public relationship lots of woman attracted to him even he’s 46 year old.that’s why sometimes I’m always think bad.but I saw him a big different than before,we’re always together after his work.

  4. Is being “addicted” to your partner a negative? May sound like a silly question,…other than neglecting your responsibilites and financially ruining yourself,….what’s the harm?
    Yes,…I’m obviously addicted. 🙄

  5. Yes I’m addicted he’s all n the only man I love even tho I know he’s not good for me I can’t stop loving him n longing to see him again.byt the hard truth he doesn’t love me so I’m dieing inside,,if you don’t know pain believe me you will if this happens to you n how can I go on

  6. What if your no longer in the relationship but your still addicted to them and he or she wants nothing to do with you? But all you think about is them because he or she filled your head full of lies and I did everything he or she wanted me too then when he or she got everything that he or she could he or she just bails like I was nothing well I guess he or she started cheating first and then bailed now I tell he or she to stay tf away from me but I need he or she I cant think straight I’m breaking everything I touch and he or she just thinks its funny and then I see how heartless he or she actually is!! I’m just about to give up everything because I cant take much more of not being with he or she and I know it’s just making it worse if he or she knows how much I’m obsessed with he or she it’s just going to make her not care more but I cant stop myself and everything I try to do to make it better just makes it worse!! Idk what im going to do I tried hooking up with someone else that just made the feeling worse like alot worse I feel like it will never stop!