9 Reasons Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women

Studies explain why younger men are attracted to older women.

For some, it might be considered a trend, but many younger men prefer to be in a relationship with older women. This has been shown by psychological studies with some legitimate explanations.

Many younger men are attracted to older women because of their maturity or life experiences. However, the success of this kind of relationship is commonly seen nowadays.

What men and women desire in certain age groups are different. Their relationship preferences vary, and understanding their mindset is the catch to having a better perspective on the matter of younger men-older women relationships. We should also mention that not every young man prefers older women.

On the other hand, we should first know what men want and expect from a relationship. So, let’s get into it…


1. Attraction

This can be said for both parties. Right? Attraction is the key to everything related to a relationship. The lack of attraction usually doesn’t make things last. Men also look for a strong attraction between them and the woman beside them. They want someone who is themselves from the beginning and doesn’t start changing during the relationship.

2. Emotional connection

Having a partner to open up to is something men want. They look for an emotional connection, to be themselves with you, and for you not to judge them, no matter the situation.

3. Respect

One thing a man does not want is to feel less than his partner and be treated like a baby. A man also doesn’t want to be compared to other men or be overly criticized.

4. Praise

Who would not like to be praised when doing something well? Men also want to feel appreciated for what they do because it makes them feel good.

5. Acceptance

Accepting one another for who they are is decisive for a healthy relationship. Men want someone that accepts and embraces their flaws and doesn’t try to change them along the way.

6. Security

Men, too, want security in their relationship. They seek an honest and reliable partner.

7. Maturity

Acting childish is not something men want in a relationship. They want a mature partner. Someone who knows how to communicate.

8. Fun

Funny people are always welcome. Men seek a woman who knows how to have fun and a good laugh. The Journal of Women and Aging published a study showing that mature women usually want fun and companionship rather than to re-marry.

9. Space

Giving space also is something men want. They still have individual life. Right? Giving him space without getting all mad is something ideal.

Let’s cut to the chase:


1. Intellectual conversations

Communication is key. Men seek a mature lady that offers intellectual conversations because of her life experience. For example, they might want to talk about politics and world issues, and older women might have more to discuss.

2. Knowing what they want

Mature women know what they want in life. No drama and confusion. Men seek this type of woman because she has goals and a concrete plan for her life. Knowing what she wants means that men will not waste their time with superficial things.

3. Life experience

Men seek older partners because of their life experiences. They can get advice and help easier from an older woman. They also need someone to help them grow intellectually.

4. Emotional maturity

Men do not want to keep up with immaturity and mind games. They seek a confident partner.
Emotional intelligence and maturity are more present in older women. Older ladies can offer emotional growth to them.

5. Less hectic behavior

A hectic behavior will be less present in mature women. They will be calmer, and men want this.

6. Confidence

Mature women do not seek attention. They are more confident and know who they are. They know what is more important in life.

7. Financial independence

No. We are not talking about sugar mamas. A mature woman who is financially stable will not be dependent on a younger man’s paycheck. Men also find comfort in knowing their partner is not staying with them for the money.

8. Mutual respect

Mutual respect and your relationship will last. Men want someone who respects them. They respect older women more because of their success and hard work. They want someone dedicated and persistent.

9. Strong emotional support

Younger men have so much to learn still. Mature women will offer them strong emotional support to get through any obstacle in the way.


Psychology has brought light to the discussion about why younger men prefer older women. In other words, men want maturity, intellectual connection, and support. They also enjoy being in a peaceful relationship which a mature woman often offers.

What do you think about younger men preferring older women? Do you think the psychology behind it explains it all? Tell us more in the comments.


Written by Dwarozh

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