Private investigator: Cheaters always show one “disturbing behaviour”

These investigators possess a deep understanding of the signs of cheating and are capable of monitoring a partner’s activities around the clock, making it a reliable method for confirming suspicions.

Despite their extensive experience, which includes uncovering incriminating evidence like hidden underwear in glove compartments and discarded receipts for extravagant gifts, there’s one particular indicator that consistently arises in cases of infidelity.

Former soldier Jack Charman, who once gathered intelligence on enemy forces, now channels his remarkable skills towards scrutinizing the behaviors of unfaithful spouses.


According to Charman, the key is to trust one’s intuition, a sentiment echoed by many in his line of work. He emphasizes the importance of intuition, stating, “I often rely on mine in this job, and it rarely lets me down.”

He further elaborates, noting that by the time clients seek his services, they often have a gut feeling that something is amiss and seek concrete evidence to confirm their suspicions. Charman highlights a common tactic employed by cheaters known as gaslighting, describing it as a disturbing behavior pattern wherein the cheating partner manipulates their significant other to doubt their perceptions and reality.

Gaslighting, as defined by Private Detectives Birmingham, involves one person in the relationship exerting control and distorting the other’s sense of reality and memories.


This manipulation often manifests in putting down the partner, invalidating their concerns, and attributing their fears to baseless jealousy. For individuals experiencing gaslighting in their relationship, it’s crucial to recognize the signs and understand when it’s occurring.


If a partner consistently undermines your confidence, questions your perceptions, and dismisses your concerns as unfounded jealousy, it may be indicative of a toxic dynamic.

In such cases, Charman advises individuals to trust their instincts and consider removing themselves from the situation for their own well-being.

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