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Chaly Claims She Spend 1.3 Million $ To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Story Of a Girl Who Spent a Fortune To Look Like Kim Kardashian.

This is a story of this beautiful young lady from London that usually is mistaken with the reality show star Kim Kardashian.The similarities between both of them are astonishing even spending in the same designer dresses and Swiss watches like Rolex.

The Double Girl Of Kim Kardashian Chaly D.N


1.3 Million $ Spent On Cosmetic Procedures And Accesories


Chaly said that peoples often mistakes her for the reality show star Kim Kardashian and she loves the attention she gets from different peoples on a street or party. This fame got Chaly a 700K instagram follows that want to see her similarities with Kim and also to see her levish life style with many famous brands like Gucci or Prada,She even bought a pair of Tom Ford heels same as ones Kim got for 1000£ .

Aspiring To Become an Actress And Singer


She is taking singing and acting classes to support her dream of becoming one.She insisted at not having a single surgical procedure but only investing in Botox and Fillers.She also revealed that she spent a fortune in handbags almost 400k £.

She Said That it is Not Copying Kim Kardashian


Chaly insists that she is not trying to copy Kim because she looks like her naturally and it is not an plastic surgery that made her look like Kim, Even though she is praised as a celebrity look a like she is choosing her online identity.But said that she loves the attention she gets from peoples and offten take many photos with them.

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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  1. Why would u want to be someone else? Why not just be yourself?! So whoever your with doesn’t like you for you he likes you because you are a mimic of Kim Kardashian! You rather someone hit on you or want ro be w you because who you mimic not truly love u for u! I don’t get it! Why don’t u be u and try to be better looking than her?