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People Who Use Photoshop Usually Feel Bad About Themselves

There are so many reasons to prove that peope who use photoshop on themselves feel unhappy

Social media has played a big role in changing beauty standards in our world, and we may say that there is no good about this because it pushes people towards an illusion. There is no perfect shape weight or color that shows you are the prettiest of them all because beauty is something relative and many people see and feel it differently. Your big eyes, long legs, and small waist don’t make you more beautiful, it just strives you away from reality, and escaping reality to something untrue or illusion may result in exposing yourself to danger.

We at Viral Strange found that people who use this kind of thing to achieve ”perfection” are usually the ones who feel unhappy with themselves.

1. Taking selfies is a good way to kill your mood.


Taking selfies is a bad thing for the young woman because social media is trying to focus all the attention on the appearance of people, and this makes us fall for it because we want to get attention from others through a selfie to make a good impression, but this may result in low self-esteem and discourage if we don’t receive the right feedback.

2. The desire for wanting to be perfect is great.


Different apps and programs today are so easy to use and don’t need an expert, These programs are used by different people to make them appear as perfect as they can be. But this is a bad thing because it just pushes you away from reality and the true beauty of being natural.

3. There is a serious problem with photoshopped images.


Usually, people how to use enchanting ways for their photos are the ones who feel bad and have lower self-esteem. They feel insecure about their body, their weight, their skin color and this makes them not find themselves beautiful enough. This may get worsen because they see others on social media with the utopia of ”perfection” and make them wonder why I’m not as good or beautiful as them. Posting edited photos will not make them feel better it only will make them push it more and more to please others and get the desired attention.

4. This takes a heavy toll on your mental health

It is said that times without social media were the happiest and beautiful because people didn’t care that much what others thought about them. Today people cant escape social media and the idea of comparing themselves with others. This may worsen different people’s insecurities and make them feel bad.

5. Always put yourself first and others second.

Don’t fall in the circle of social media, try something new, keep focusing on yourself and the ways that may grow up you as a person. Start getting out more to interact with other people face to face and not in the chat log, it is a great idea to start exercising your hobbies. Find what you love and keep yourself out of the depressing social media.

6. It’s a new trend to photoshop your photos before uploading.


It was started first by celebrities and now it is a common thing anywhere, people want to look perfect and flawless, and are ready to use anything to achieve this. But usually, after those super edited sexy photos are people with depressive states and body insecurities.

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