Washing Your Armpits: Does It Stop The Bad Smell?

Stop smelling bad and get rid of your body odor. The question is: Does washing your armpits stop that? Let’s see about that…

Washing your armpits is part of daily hygiene. However, it happens that even when you wash them, you still might smell bad.

So, the question is: Does washing your armpits stop you from smelling bad? Let’s see about that…

Viral Strange has gathered some helpful information you might need to know before washing your armpits the next time.

Sweat is produced to regulate the body’s temperature.

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The body produces sweat to regulate its temperature. The glands secrete fluids as a response to overheating. Sweating is normal!

People have 2 types of sweat glands:

washing your armpits

Eccrine glands: These glands secrete odorless and clear sweat, releasing fluid on the surface.

Apocrine glands: These glands secrete a thick sweat that smells bad when contacting the bacteria on the body, releasing the fluid through hair follicles.

There are several reasons for armpits to smell bad.

Even though you clean them thoroughly, there are many factors contributing to your armpits smelling bad:

Exercising contributes to glands producing more sweat trying to cool down. This sweat mixes with the bacteria and makes you smell bad.

• The oils, garlic, onions, and other foods part of your diet can alter how you smell because they travel through the pores.

Hot weather makes you produce more sweat, trying to cool down your body’s temperature.

Other factors: hormonal change, medications, health conditions, or being overweight.

How to reduce your body odor:

washing your armpits

As we said above, you can clean your armpits thoroughly and still smell bad. So, what can you do to reduce body odor?

Follow a daily good hygiene routine and according to professionals, use antibacterial soaps for at least 30 seconds to get rid of the bacteria.

Shave regularly to allow sweat to evaporate faster and have minimal contact with bacteria on your armpit hair.

Wear clean and loose clothes to allow your body to breathe.

Use an antiperspirant to decrease the production of sweat.

How do you clean your armpits? What is a routine you follow for your daily hygiene? Tell us in the comments below.

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