Woman with two vaginas: I’m not technically cheating

Annie, a 25-year-old resident of Surrey, possesses a rare anatomical condition characterized by having two vaginas and two wombs.

This unique trait offers her the potential to conceive babies by two different fathers concurrently. She effectively manages her dual menstrual cycles through the use of birth control and has confirmed the functionality of both reproductive systems.



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In addition to managing her medical condition, Annie leads a career as an OnlyFans model. In a candid revelation, she disclosed that a former boyfriend had exclusive access to one of her vaginas.

Presently, she is romantically involved with two new partners, each engaging with one of her vaginal openings, with neither being aware of the other’s existence.


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Maintaining distinct relationships with her two partners, Annie takes great care to avoid any overlap or mixing between them.

She schedules her interactions with each partner on separate days, ensuring that the boundaries of her relationships remain intact. Furthermore, both of Annie’s partners actively contribute to her OnlyFans content, further blurring the lines between her personal and professional life.

Written by Telha

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