Hidden Meanings Behind The Places He Touches You

Did you know there are hidden meanings behind 7 places where he touches you? We did not, either. Feel free to dive right in!

Hidden meanings can often be revealed through nonverbal cues, including touch. Have you ever wondered what a man’s touch can tell about his feelings and intentions? You may be surprised to know that touching can communicate more than words.

Viral Strange has prepared a list of the seven most common places a man might touch a woman and what are the hidden meanings behind them.

1. Face

Hidden Meanings
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A man touching your face can indicate attraction. The face, with its attractive features such as the lips, can be sensual to a man. Touching your face can be a sign that he wants to kiss you or draw you closer. It’s a clear indication of romantic interest.

2. Hair

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Hair is often overlooked but can be a sensual aspect of a woman’s body. How you style your hair can convey your mood or personality. When a man touches or strokes your hair intimately, it shows a close connection that he doesn’t share with others. This gesture is endearing and intimate, reserved only for the special man in your life. He understands this.

3. Hands

Hidden Meanings
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A touch is a powerful form of communication, and the way a man touches your hands can reveal a lot about his feelings towards you. From intertwining fingers to rubbing your thigh, to tapping your back or shoulder, the hand is often used as a tool for physical intimacy. Understanding the nuances of these touches can help you interpret the hidden meanings behind them and get a better sense of where the relationship is headed. Keep in mind, however, that the interpretation of hand touches will depend on the individual’s personality and context.

4. Legs

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For many men, the legs are considered the most attractive part of a woman’s body. If a man is placing his hand on your thigh, it’s a clear sign of physical attraction. This becomes even more evident if he starts rubbing your thigh. This touch is a sign of desire and a way to build anticipation. He wants to entice you and take things to the next level.

5. Back

Hidden Meanings
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Patting someone on the back conveys support and encouragement. It sends positive vibes to the recipient and reinforces the sense that they are not alone. When a man places his hand on your back, it’s a gesture of empowerment and belief in your capabilities. He’s trying to boost your confidence and uplift your spirits, showing you that he has your back and sees your potential for greatness.

6. Shoulders

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A tap on the shoulder may go unnoticed, but it can hold deep significance. When a man places his hands on your shoulders, he conveys gratitude for your presence in his life and a commitment to not take you for granted. It shows appreciation and a willingness to do what it takes to keep you close.

7. Hips

Hidden Meanings
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When a man touches your hips, it’s a clear sign of his romantic interest. This touch shows that he’s not just being friendly, but expressing his desire for more. It’s a bold move, indicating that he’s putting himself out there and hoping for a reciprocal response.

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*Featured photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

Written by Igli Ismolli

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