The Bright Side Of Wearing a Bra Everyday

Did You Know That Wearing a Bra Can Benefit You?

As we know many women around the world wear bras almost every day because of their comfort and of course, they look great. Bras may come in many shapes, models, colors, etc. to be a perfect match for any girl or woman.

Women choose to wear them or not. They can do whatever they like and should not feel awkward about that.

However, what many people do not know is that by wearing bras, women may benefit from some good and healthy things.

We at Viral Strange are going to list some of them for our audience.

1. Improved Spinal Posture

Science is science, and we say that because the bigger the breasts, the bigger the gravity pull is. The weight of your breasts will make you curve your posture and this may result in spinal pain and discomfort.

By wearing comfortable bras, they will play a supportive role, and put that weight off your breasts. It will be easier for you to keep a straight spinal posture.

2. Eliminating Pain During Exercise

As we may know many girls and women feel uncomfortable while exercising because they might experience breast pain from the movement and bouncing.

This can be avoided by wearing a sport bra to halt your breasts’ uncontroled movements and it will be a great support to your back.

3. Relieving Your Neck Pain

Some may find big breasts attractive and sexy but for girls and women, might not be so comfortable because of the weight that they pull. All that results in neck and shoulder pain.

First, you should check with a doctor. Many women go through a breast reduction procedure. However, you might feel better if you wear a well-fitting bra. This simple change may result in less neck and shoulder pain.

4. Boosting Your Confidence And Feeling Sexier

Bras and lingeries are a big part of today’s biggest fashion companies. Women use comfortable bras.

Another reason is that most women find them attractive to wear because it helps them build up their confidence. Looking all sexy and attractive, they feel more optimistic.

5. They help during the breastfeeding period

Timothy Meinberg / Unsplash

New moms can wear comfortable, wireless bras during their breastfeeding period. Experiencing engorgement, aka milk leakage, you might also use absorbent nursing pads.

However, a good pair of bras will avoid soreness and give you all the support you need.

Do you wear bras regularly? Are you in the #wearyourbra or #freethenipple team? Tell us in the comments.


Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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    • There are certain unisex back straps that can help you with your back problems, this is mainly used by people that do heavy lifting and sports. I am NOT a doctor so i suggest you go to a chiropractor to get your back sorted professionally

  1. This article is ridiculous and I would have thought it was written by a man. Bras are uncomfortable at best and cause my back to hurt! Yes, I’ve been fitted many times.

  2. From someone who rid the bra entirely, my back doesnt hurt at all, and my breasts themselves are perkier then it ever did while wearing bra. Not to mention fuller in comparision. I could see with super big chested women that are H’s or Z’s but all thesw issues i am seeing on here isnt my issue at all, if anything freeing my breasts from bras made my back better, plumpier and it helped not feeling so constricted. Dunno each to.their own