7 Things Men Pay Attention To In Women

Seven things that capture men’s eyes in a woman

We as women, often find ourselves complaining about men’s cluelessness. However, many things capture men’s eyes when it comes to women. They might notice things we don’t even know about.

Viral Strange will list 7 things he will pay attention to you as a woman.

1. Your musical tastes


Music can reveal a lot about your personality based on your musical preferences. If you love music, it tells him a lot about you. On the other hand, if you are not a very musical person, it tells him something different. However, this is always something related to the other person’s type preferences.

2. Your facial expressions


He’s taking notes on your facial expressions. He tries to understand if you’re comfortable with him or not. He even notices your reactions during other situations. So, if you’re feeling comfortable in his presence, a cute smile will show him that. However, if you’re bored, your face will show it instantly.

3. Your texting style


The way that you communicate says a lot, too. If you’re using emojis, it might tell him the conversation is “warm”. If you are “cold”, he may interpret it as if you’re not interested, or a very strong woman. Depending on your texting style, it might be taken as formal/informal communication.

4. Your choice of drink

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Do you prefer a glass of red wine or just a scotch? Whether you’re a person that loves drinking alcohol every time you go out or drinking occasionally, it tells a lot about your type. Your drinking preferences are put in his mental notepad to be used in the future.

5. The dominant colors of your outfit

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The chosen colors for your outfit can tell him a lot about your mood that day. If you choose bright colors, it might mean that you’re feeling happy. On the other hand, if you choose dark colors for your outfit, it might be read as if you might be in a serious mood. (I wear black 90% of the time, so to be honest, my mood can’t be read that easily. LOL)

6. The way you dress in general


He understands a lot about your personality from the way you dress in general. Men are keen on fashion, too. If you take care of your appearance and the way you present yourself to the world, it tells him a lot about who you are as a person.

7. Your food preferences


He will pay attention to what you love to eat. A person’s taste in food can tell a lot about the lifestyle and personality they might have. If you prefer heavy meals, it tells him that you’re a strong appetite woman. Or if you prefer salads, it tells him that you’re very keen on eating healthy food.

What else would you add to this list? Tell us more in the comments!

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