9 Signs That Will Tell You If You Are In a Healthy Relationship

A list of signs that will make you understand if you are in the best relationship of your life

Have you ever been catching yourself thinking if the relationship you are in right now is the one you truly want? Many of us keep trying to get ourselves into many relationships because we want to find the one and only, true love that will make our life better and fill our hearts full of love. Does this kind of relationship still exist? How do we know if they are the right person for us?

We at Viral Strange are about to bring to you some of the greatest signs you should look for to understand if you are truly in a healthy relationship.

1. You will feel more vulnerable.

This happens when you found the right person, the one who is deeply connected with you physically and emotionally. You would love them so much that will make you feel very vulnerable if something happens to them.

2. You aren’t afraid anymore to express your thoughts and get yourself in an argument with them.

Lack of communication in previous relations ships will make you sometimes skip and hide your thoughts to avoid an argument or getting into a fight with your partner. However, now that you are in a healthy relationship with someone that understands you, you are no anymore afraid to discuss something with them because you both know that your love will make you go throw all of them.

3. You don’t feel the urge of being right all the time.

Your stubbornness about being always right will vanish because the one you love and care about is more important than your ego, You will start to let your pride down for the moment to apology them if necessary because you will understand when you screw it up and it was all your fault. Your relationship is more important than anything that comes between you two.

4. You understand that you are changing for them.

The love for them will make you change yourself and is not a way that is harmful or will make you lose your identity, this change comes and goes from both sides because you want them in your life and you are ready to start doing new things that you never imagined you could do it before. They going to make it easier for you because they will open your ideas and desires to pursue the things that you really want in your life, and not wander without any destination.

5. You start to challenge eachother.

The right person will bring the best version of yourself out of you, and this will happen because they will challenge you to be a better person, you will start doing and learning new things and discovering what you really like to do with your life and they will be always there to support you and make you push it to the limits.

6. You start to love them more and more when you realize that you don’t put yourself first always anymore.

You start to think about both of you and not only for yourself because you want for them the same good things that you want for yourself, this will not make you lose your identity or become a love slave to the other person, but you only start to not think about only your desires rather than thinking like a team, what’s the best for the two of us and I hope I make you happy.

7. You feel what they feel

The deep connection and love you have for each other will make you feel like you are one body, one mind. But this means also that you will also share the emotions of each other. If they feel the pain you will feel it too, if they feel like they are down you will understand them right away, the relationship is not always about the good and funny times, there are also bad and darker times and that is the most crucial time to prove your relationship because the real ones will be there for you and support you no matter what. You are not anymore alone!

8. From a breathtaking start to a more steadiness relationship, it is all right for you.


The beginning of every relationship is amazing, very exciting, and something new that will make you feel like living the fast life when you are around them, but later one you realize that it is not all about the good and funny times you had when you both fresh started and you are very okay with that because you understand that steadiness and a more committed relationship is whats you really need. You understand that you found the partner of your life that will love to share your daily boring routine rather than going ups and owns all the time.

9. When you make decisions there is no more about only your needs and desires.

The great love you have for them will make you not decide anything solely because of your personal needs, you have a commitment and you can’t just make decisions like that because it will affect your partner. Moving to another country or quitting your job to start a new one is not so simple because now you feel inside you that building a life and forming roots with that person is everything you have ever wanted. You will think and decide together what its the best for both of you all the time.

Written by Igli Ismolli

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